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  1. K

    who can make it hard ?

    I have also been known to bang it out hard on ocassion. mmmyes
  2. K

    What's keeping me intrigued lately

    What keeps me entertained these days? living vicariously through other people that can actually afford to buy records! Watch for my newest cd "live from the poor house". Oh wait I cant even afford a blank cd - never mind.
  3. K

    Dj Rolando.... you vibe N' this?

    Im really diggin the first one!
  4. K

    Advanced Program for Mutek Festival 2003

    I beleive this needs a little mateo murphy to be totally complete!
  5. K

    dj cave

    Yeah its a good mix - but a little too hard and out of control for me at times. It shakes my brain. Sometimes it seems like just too much is going on.
  6. K

    the virtue of unlayered mixes

    I find that my style has gone in the direction of long smooth mixes and tightly layered shit (emphasis on the word shit). I used to bang it out all crazy and stuff like that but now I just kinda chill out and layer my stuff like I know whats going on (i dont). Anyways thats it. Ill take my long...
  7. K

    dj cave

    The other day Oddmyth told me to check out this site featuring Dj Cave (norway I think). Its got a pretty sick mix on it I think you people should totally check out! Something along the lines of 45 tracks in 81 minutes! Anyways here the link - check it out. http://www.cave.no/demo-mix.shtml
  8. K

    Michael Burkat

    ^^^^^oops wrond thread! hehehehe
  9. K

    Michael Burkat

    Oh Marco djs aswell - Hes one of my favorite djs to see. Ive been really digging his production stuff too. I think he has his bases covered pretty well! rick
  10. K

    looking for contact info for...

    hey d.code! Id be down with playing for you anytime. I tried to send you a pm but I couldnt. Lemme know how the best way is to get in touch with you or how I can send you an info/promo package. thanks..... rick kid_kinetik@hotmail.com
  11. K

    DJ's....How much does this annoy you?

    I was asked in the middle of a techno set in the purple room @ rev if I had the macarraina (i cant even spell it). Seriously. Let me tell you - that girl was a real classy lassy too!
  12. K

    Downloading now! Kid Kinetik - insideout

    Nice one - Ill probably be in next week - too much school this week (boo to school). rick
  13. K

    Downloading now! Kid Kinetik - insideout

    Hey everyone! This is my latest mix "insideout" Feel free to download it from…… http://dj.vidman.ca/kidkinetik/ Track List….. 1. Andrew Richley & Ryan Rivera - Strange Behaviour - Terminal 2. Ben Sims - 101 the Basics - Tresor 3. Dan Corco & Fred Carreira - Cant Stop - Rotation...
  14. K

    filters, filters, filters

    ^^^^^ Oh yeah good point - I never thought of that. Also Ive looked at the Kaos pad and Im not really interested in that. rick
  15. K

    filters, filters, filters

    Im looking for a portable filter (ie not rack mounted) that I can use when I play, both at home and out and about. I want to run it through the effects loop on a pioneer djm 500. Any suggestions on who makes a filter effects unit like this? or where I can get one? thanks rick
  16. K

    Just got this email. . .

    yes this is definitly missing some of the key elements in a strong tek dj resume..... eye colour hair colour height (already stated above) status (single?) favourite colour shoe size turn ons/turn offs and how much does the dj enjoy long walks on the beach. I know Ive looked at this...
  17. K

    Nipple ring removal

    Im just having fun picturing you soaking your boob in a bowl of salt water. hmmmm.....
  18. K

    Jackass: The Movie

    This movie looks surprisingly similar to my families home videos when I was growing up. rick
  19. K

    Anybody live in Kitchener?

    in kw? Im a K/W townie for sure! Born and raised! rick
  20. K

    Jackass: The Movie

    jack ass best movie ever.