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    Who throws better parties?

    Loaded question?
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    Replacements for Lenny Wilkens...

    A wet towel. Seriously, Van Gundy would be great.
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    I don't really know about him, but I think the track is QUALITY. I listened to a clip of it on Release Records site of all places. It is one of the few I listened to recently that jumped out at me. I am starting to play around with spinning and buying techno a bit and this release is on my...
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    Calling Montreal kids! (tech head rob)

    The Remote agency hosts a night at Stereo on Thursdays, right?
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    Bye Bye Lenny Wilkens

    Van Gundy coached the Knicks into the NBA finals without an injured Patrick Ewing (who did his team a favor by sitting on the bench). The Knicks always overachieved for Van Gundy, they didn't have the most talent but he always got the best out of them. Where are the Knicks without him?
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    Bye Bye Lenny Wilkens

    When I read the topic I thought Lenny was actually fired. I would love to see Van Gundy coaching in Toronto.
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    Luke Fair/John Debo/Sander Klienenberg/Max Graham @ Kool Haus

    I wish I knew that accappella ^^^^^ Satoshi also played it when he was in town. When I heard it I flipped out and asked a ton of people what it was- no one knew what it was.
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    Define Purist Techno

    I had a feeling you might me the one to set me sraight. Down with the purists!
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    Who live in Georgetown or Oakville?

    ^^^^I'm perdue/Vishis*/Jason I find it very interesting that you decided to buy a house in Georgetown. You must spend a lot of time 'out of town' on the weekends.
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    Requesting Data re: Gallery Fridays @ "IT"

    I want to check it out, but I haven't had a chance yet. I'm now waiting until they bring in a guest DJ that I want to see. How late do they go?
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    Define Purist Techno

    How do you define 'purist' techno, or anything for that matter? What infuences would make techno impure? Are there any purists on this board?
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    Denon turntables

    They better be cheap.
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    Who live in Georgetown or Oakville?

    Wow! People from Georgetown. I Thought that I was the only one on here. Who are you people? perdue
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    The last weekend of Winter!

    The Rev eh? I'll be there as well. I'm heading out for a friends birthday and I just found out that she wants to go to the Rev. She has no idea what is going on there or who freaky flow and flipside are or even what drum and bass is for that matter, but at least I know I'll have some fun.
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    Montreal This Weekend

    Satoshi plays house. It may be tech house or progressive, but it always comes back to house. He plays Montreal often and they love him there so it should be a good time.
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    Montreal This Weekend

    #3. ARIA Friday- Marco Bailey & Damon Gee Saturday- Sander Kleinenberg & Steve Porter Enjoy!
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    a buddy of mine, ... may not make it.

    That is completly terrible. I'm sorry for your friend and hope he pulls through. There are a lot of people wishing him well. perdue
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    sander kleinenberg@DAS KOOL HAUS

    Is it true that earlybird tickets are going for $15? Sander + Max Graham + John Deebo + Luke Fair! That is a steal of a deal if its true! I might go if I can locate some earlybirds. perdue
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    where's some cool places to hear house?

    Re: Re: where's some cool places to hear house? What is this infinite garden you speak of?
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    the pit

    Exact address unknown. Young and College.