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    did the 1997 daft punk show in t.o. not really happen?

    this whole daft punk thing is out of control - i was tehre that night and it wasnt daft punk that was there with dj sneak it was one half of daft punk - only thomas bangalter was there.. and it was on a thursday night.. it wasn an industry only event ie: only promoters + staff were invited +...
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    90s house mixtapes + track ids

    hello tribers ;D im going to be posting whatever tapes i can scrounge up that i still have on cassettes + posting them into this public discogs group with the hopes that people can get full tracklists assembled.. if u want to listen / download / help id some tracks / contribute some 90s...
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    KEOKI oct 93

    you probably have my copy !! Basketballjones!! u Thief!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIWCf4Sxw9Q
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    X-static Tapes

    i have the jumpin jack frost 2!!!!!
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    X-static Tapes

    id really like to get copies of the sasha 5 + keoki oct 93 + keoki 2 1993 i had all 3 of those tapes when i was a kid and they are long gone - stolen out of my car decades ago :( but yea id be pretty stoked to hear those tracks again :)
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    Don Berns aka Dr Trance Rest in Peace

    youtube embed isnt working.. it's all fucked.. so ill just drop the url here https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=141&v=xmCofJPMFcE http://www.discogs.com/Messiah-Thunderdome/release/133141 "spicelab mix" rip dr trance
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    Deadly Hedley and Toronto's house roots:

    legend :D WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL technics1200 + come again was my fave show to tape off the radio back in 1991? 1990?
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    RIP Kenny Quinn aka pr0nstar on TRIBE.

    best way to honor the dead.. is to celebrate life.. rejoice for life.. beautiful creation of life life has just begun for me technics1200 be positive live for today but be concerned about tomorrow just look around be positive in the name of those not living... be grateful for *your* life keep...
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    What the hell are you listening to?

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    D-load good house sets for free?

    post 1 link to 1 good mix.. thats all u need.. 1 quality link "Tip off" beats a link to a site of 1000+ mixes is what i meant
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    RIP Kenny Quinn aka pr0nstar on TRIBE.

    wow i was thinking of him the last few weeks.. but noone told me that he actually passed away..?? i only heard he was 'having problems' a moment of silence from me... *Bows head*
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    RIP Kenny Quinn aka pr0nstar on TRIBE.

    wow i was thinking of him the last few weeks.. but noone told me that he actually passed away..?? i only heard he was 'having problems' a moment of silence from me... *Bows head*
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    D-load good house sets for free?

    quality is alot more important than quantity my friend. ;)
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    D-load good house sets for free?

    one more.. :D Rhythm Masters - Spanish Ritual Strictly Rhythm 1993 -- e-culture - tribal confusion (produced by king britt + josh wink) strictly rhythm 1990 -- circle children - mamba mama (produced by armand van helden) Strictly Rhythm 1993 -- track masters - i need you so bad (wayne...
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    Frankie Knuckles' leg amputated

    diabetes is becoming more rampant as we as consumers allow corporations to contaminate and pollute our most precious of resources, our food supply, while people are jerking off to porn sites and buying prada shades and trying to lose pounds by not eating, slowly old and young alike are poisoned...
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    D-load good house sets for free?

    http://416design.com/mixes/chrisNova_AdventuresInOldschool_pt1_96kbps.mp3 http://416design.com/mixes/chrisNova_adventuresInOldSchool_Pt2.mp3 http://416design.com/mixes/chrisNova_AdventuresInOldSchoolPt3_96kbps.mp3 http://416design.com/mixes/chrisNova_AdventuresInOldschool_Pt4_96kbps.mp3...
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    94 house track id?

    "Theres nothing, theres no one, i got you for freeeeeeeeeeee" http://www.416design.com/!garageParadise!/tracksToID/trackIdSample.mp3 anyone able to id this for me? circa 94?
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    Brenda Healy RIP

    My Apologies, Chris
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    Brenda Healy RIP

    apparently i herad that this guy had killed someone else 10 years ago?? THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HAVE TO SPEAK UP ABOUT LETTING CONVICTED MURDERERS BACK INTO THE PUBLIC FOR REALL This girl did not deserve this!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Brenda Healy RIP

    oh my god i just saw this on the news, Im so terribly sorry to hear this.. brenda did not deserve this... either did any of her friends... my deep condolences to Scott.. (even tho we had a tiff lately) this is the most foul disgusting thing... Im shocked.