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    90s house mixtapes + track ids

    hello tribers ;D im going to be posting whatever tapes i can scrounge up that i still have on cassettes + posting them into this public discogs group with the hopes that people can get full tracklists assembled.. if u want to listen / download / help id some tracks / contribute some 90s...
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    94 house track id?

    "Theres nothing, theres no one, i got you for freeeeeeeeeeee" http://www.416design.com/!garageParadise!/tracksToID/trackIdSample.mp3 anyone able to id this for me? circa 94?
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    Web Developers Needed!

    Please check job descriptions at www.416design.com/jobs/
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    'we all live and die'

    yo whats the name of the track that goes "WE ALL LIVE AND DIE" Then that crazy noise comes in ..
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    more track id bizness

    www.416design.com/2005/djnova_trackid.mp3 can anyone tell me what this is? again circa 1995 housey bidnizz
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    house track id

    can anyone delve back deep enought to id this for me? old garage track.. heavy on the piano + housey feelin so deep sets my fire freee oh hoooo say that i loev a richer love so rich a love it cannot be contained no say that i love a stronger love so strong nothing else remains...
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    Post Your Favourite Tracks!

    what are u jammin at home? what would make your night to hear when your out with your friends? what do u wanna hear when your feelin hyped? whats your 'theme song' ?
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    i love kittens.

    yes, i do!
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    dj mixes available for download

    www.cityrhythms.net peep it!
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    Duncan James - RUSH May 2004 - DJ mix

    dj duncan james [cityrhythms.net] - may 2004 a mix tribute to the soulutions/stilluvinit crew of toronto.... tracklisting: 1) Directions - Busted Trees - ("c's spacetramental") - Diaspora 2004 2) Jovonn - Move Inn ep - "Rush" - Next Moov 2004 3) Stephen Brown - BeBeJack EP - ("How I...
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    Free Frappacinos Today @ Starbux!

    Im jacked.. ive had 2 already lol go ask for a small frappacino today only adn they will tell u theres no charge ENJOY! *buzzinout*
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    cityrhythms mp3 downloads

    dj nova party teaser mix: tracklisting: freeform five ft carolyn harding - strength - yellow test press john julius knight - find a friend pt 2 peaktime dub - soulfuric blaze - innerside (lenny fontana mix) - epic mitch winthrop -...
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    JoJo Flores - Montreal Deep 23 mp3

    tracklisting to follow. presented by cityrhythms.net jojoflores - "montreal deep 23" Download Mp3:
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    new Pascal Rioux Mix - Rotax Recordings - Jan 04

    Listen: http://www.cityrhythms.net/audio/pascal.rioux-philly.mix.ram Download: http://www.cityrhythms.net/audio/pascal.rioux-philly.mix.rm
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    Franck Roger - Spiritual Vibes Mix

    "Spiritual Vibes" ------------------------------------ an older set by Franck Roger Versatile, Straight Up, Needs, Tropism, Recordings Artist Listen: http://www.cityrhythms.net/audio/franck.roger_spiritual_vibes.ram Download...
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    Mixes From Pascal Rioux - Rotax Records, France

    Pascal has hooked us up with 3 mixes.. I'll post the third a bit later on.. One of these 2 is more classics, and the other is more recent picks of pascals, on his own soul-infused house tip. house mix: ---------------------- Listen...
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    ATTN Graphic Designers!

    if you are a house head/graphic designer please give me a shout to talk about some bidnizzzz!! :cool: djnova@cityrhythms.net
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    Duncan James - August 2003 pt 2 - cityrhythms.net

    Listen with realplayer: playlist ------------------ Global Communication The Groove (Original Mix)Dedicated Stateless Bringin' Me Down Desha Rmx)Freerange rec. Icognito Get Into My Groove( JAzzanova...
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    duncan james & dj nova - natural soul - mp3 dl

    playlist --------------- aretha franklin - only thing missin (blaze mix) - arista barbara walker - saved me - soulshine overstreet ft sharlene hector - the bottle (richard earnshaw) - sole music matthias heilbronn - in my life - shazz kiko navarro - perfect place - flamingo test...
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    Dylan Drazen - deep outage - mp3

    tracklisting: Part 1 Glenn Underground - Black Action - Shelter François K feat. Barbara Mendes - Awakening (Needs rmx) - Wave Diva 1 - White Andre's Record Shack - Still Got It - White Blagger's World - #1 (Ian Pooley rmx) - Polo Banda Black Rio - Magia Do Prazer (Faze Action...