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    what be open Monday? Arr

    arrrrrrre banks open Monday? What about other stuff?
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    WTF is there to do? I'm re-locating.
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    I want to learn Arabic

    Does anyone know of programs, courses, classes in the GTA? Ideally in Mississauga. Costs, length, etc. Thanks!
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    Take Screamy to the rippers

    I was just informed that Screamy has never: 1 - Seen porn 2 - Been to a strip club So, next weekend, its "Take Screamy to the rippers" weekend. Who else is in?? Selly?
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    Hamza's RRRRRRRRRollll Up the Rim to Win Stats

    Tim Horton's 6 Hamza 0 I hope to make a comeback and score some goals late in the game.
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    My Karma is evil!

    *Read this post in the voice of Morgan Freeman doing a narrative* For as long as I can remember, I have had bad luck. Now, you may say that most people have bad luck, a broken window here, a minor accident there; but my life has been cursed. I have always felt a...
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    The funniest joke ever!

    Have you heard about the new pirate movie? wait for it..... It's rated ArrrrRRRRRRRRRR!!! (Allie did not come up with this joke!)
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    Nobody cares...about politics

    This is politics version for those interesting news bits that don't need a full thread, but are interesting anyway. And to get the ball rolling....we have Stockwell Day! "It's going to accomplish a two-fold mission: borders that are secure, but also borders that enhance prosperity on all...
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    bday party lounge / club ideas

    I know this is a repeat thread, but I need up dated info :-) Basically, I got suckered into organizing a bday outing for 2 of my co-workers. So, we are expecting between 15 - 25 people. What are some good lounges in TO that will accomodate a large group like that - i.e. no cover or...
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    Indoor Soccer Shoes?

    What's the best place to snag a pair of fancy ones? What do you use? How are they? I've been using the Beckham pred's outdoor's and they kick ass, I want something equally stylish for the indoor game!
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    Your fav. remixer at the moment?

    I go through phases where I'll find a remixed gem and then discover a new talent. Lately, I've been really digging the remixes done by Shiloh. His rework of the Bettles "Because" is simply awesome, as well as the Robot Rock one for Daft Punk. Currently digging his remix of Altered by...
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    Nick Warren @ Til!!!

    Anyone else excited about this? Nick kicks ass! I wanna have pre-drinks, show drinks and post drinks!!! *zoolander* I have an after furneral party to go to*
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    I may need a poster/flyer design guy ASAP on monday

    Hello, I'm hoping to do a presentation at a security conference in montreal next week. However, I am not good at designing shit, I have the idea, but i need someone to put the poster/graphics together for me. The thing is, my work (government) has to clear it first, which won't be till...
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    A bag full of panties!

    Well, I'm officially at a loss for words. I went for lunch, came back to find a winners bag on my chair. I opened it, and it was full of all kinds of brand new panties! I look over to see my co-worker laughing. She comes up to me and starts pulling them out and showing them to me...
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    Brown People + UTube = Funny

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    This looks like a cool guy movie! Watching it on Friday:
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    Help me: Photoshop Revenge!

    Okay, Here is the situation. One of my friends at work photoshopped my head onto someone else's body. The picture also had another person whom I consider my arch nemisis at work. He than used MS.Paintbrush to write HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY, FRIENDS FOR LIFE in bright purple in the picture...
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    Bad servers and how I want to kick them

    Is it really that hard to not fuck up my order? ps. I started this just to be an idiot: Mission Accomplished!
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    Is it wrong to play paintball in non-paintball places? like say...a wooded area? My friends and I really don't feel like paying a shit load for 100 balls when we can just buy our own box of paint. We have our own guns n shit. Does anyone else do this? If so....where? ps...
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    Woman to man translator needed

    When girls with long term b/f's compliment men who are single and then ask them out to do 'stuff'...wtf does that mean? 1 - Just friends 2 - I wanna cheat 3 - cock in ass 4 - I want a 3some 5 - I don't want to cheat, but need an ego boost because I'm having issues 6 - All of the above 7...