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    Happy birthday, Nesta!

    Happy birthday, buddy! I hope you're having an awesome day! :)
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    FS - Kitchen Table & 4 Chairs

    I am selling a kitchen table and 4 chairs that look quite similar to this: (I can email you pictures of my table and chairs). The table is oak with a light-coloured finish. It's approximately 5-years old and in good condition. It does NOT come with a leaf. The top is detachable from...
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    The show's tonight!
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    Hey, iPod 3G Owners!

    We have the iPod 3G and like most 3Gs its age, it's still alive and kicking but its battery won't hold a charge. I recently ordered a replacement battery. It cost about $20 and took 2-3 weeks to receive. Installation was easy, and I'm happy to report, for the first time in aaaages, the iPod...
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    promise/fukhouse/alieninflux NYE!

    Honestly and most truthfully, this is the first party all YEAR that I am excited about! I'm intrigued by the venue and the line up is SOLID! :)
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    Happy birthday, Nesta!

    Nestore! Happiest of happy birthdays to an amazing friend. Wishing you a year full of all good things and hoping it brings you nothing but the best! :) xo
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    Happy birthday, Par- T!

    Happy birthday, Tom!! Wishing you all the best! Hoping all your wishes come true! :)
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    Happy Birthday, DEEPHOUSEGRL!

    Happy Birthday, Michi!! To a kind, caring, wonderful friend: I hope you have a fabulous day and that this year brings you joy, laughter, and on many adventures. xoxoxo sabina
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    City okays pay-as-you-toss garbage fees

    City okays pay-as-you-toss garbage fees But critics say new levy is 'taxing by stealth' as council extends recycling to apartments, condos JENNIFER LEWINGTON CITY HALL BUREAU CHIEF June 21, 2007 It's official: taking trash to the curb will cost most Toronto residents more starting next...
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    airport extreme issue

    I use the airport extreme for a wireless router. For some reason, it selectively stopped working in transmitting the internet. It's connected properly (powered, has a cable coming into it from the cable modem and a cable leading out of it to my computer). However, for some some reason...
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    Happy Birthday, Bmoneyhoney!

    Brenda! Happy Birthday, Lady! Wishing you nothing but zee best on this awesome day. I hope that all your wishes come true and that this year is absolutely your best one yet! :) xoxoxo Sabina
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    Happy Birthday, Nesta!!!

    nestore!! Happiest of happy birthdays to you, a most awesome friend! I hope your day is wonderful. :) xoxo Sabina
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    The benevolence of others

    Reading this story put such a smile on my face! ------- Source Teacher kept her riches secret, then left charity $4.3-million MARTIN MITTELSTAEDT From Friday's Globe and Mail TORONTO — During most of her long life, Roberta Langtry was an unassuming elementary school teacher in...
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    Happy Birthday, DEEPHOUSEGRL!!!

    Happy Birthday, Michi!! Wishing an absolutely wonderful day to an absolutely wonderful friend! I hope all your wishes come true. :) xoxo Sabina
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    Happy Birthday, LeoGirl!!!

    Happy Birthday Cori!! To a most wonderful friend, I wish you nothing but the best on this awesome day! Hoping the next year brings you much joy and laughter, and is full of smiles. With lots of love & hugs, Sabina
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    Broken Social Scene etc. Olympic Island show

    who's a-going? the weather looks perfect!
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    who's in? live sets by jeremy P caulfield and adam marshall. awe to the some!
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    Happy Birthday, Foxy Rae!

    kelly! happiest of happy birthdays to a truly amazing lady! hoping today is absolutely wonderful and that this year brings you nothing but zee best! xoxo sabina
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    Happy Birthday, mystique0217!!

    happy birthday, kumi!!! i'm hoping your day is absolutely wonderful, the celebrations kick ass, and that all your wishes come true. you're an absolutely amazing person and i wish you nothing but the best! with lots of love, sabina
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    from: http://www.myspace.com/addinc: Apr 8 2006 10:00P AFE Society w/ MURAT @ Footwork Toronto edit: "appearing for the first time in about 8 years Murat hits it hard for his homecoming playing with old pal's and Method 11:11 label mates Mario J and Kenny Glasgow. more info soon..."...