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    Hot Docs 2009

    I have a pair of tickets to the Soulwax documentary on Sunday that I can't use. If anybody wants 'em (no charge) send me a PM.
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    pretty big fire somewhere near the annex...

    and a fire at the comfort zone! (or maybe popeye's.)
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    pretty big fire somewhere near the annex...

    we can see a big fire being doused from my office... anybody know what's burning?
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    The Youtube thread

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    Nyc Nyc Nyc

    also on sunday is body and soul at webster hall...
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    Nyc Nyc Nyc

    another sunday option... metro area at the 'sunday best' barbecue in brooklyn... that one might be more up my alley than a full-on boat cruise. http://www.fusicology.com/new/index/events/detail.cfm?rid=3&id=15574
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    Nyc Nyc Nyc

    ivan.. i'm going to the game on saturday.... which game are you hitting?
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    LF: Bell Mobility Cell Phone

    Hello! I'm looking for someone's old bell phone that they're not using anymore and willing to part with on the cheap. My phone died on me and I'm trying to avoid paying big bucks for a new one. Please PM me. Thanks.
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    [2007-2008]Toronto Raptors

    love the excitement that comes across from JO during his introductory press conference. see it at nba.com....
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    wimbledon 2008

    Nadal's average first-serve speed at Wimbledon Year Mph 2008 115 2007 105 2006 104 2005 104 2003 99 --Did not play in 2004 (ankle)
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    TIME Festival - holy jebus!

    tix also at soundscapes.
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    TIME Festival - holy jebus!

    just picked up tickets here: http://www.wantickets.com/affiliates/events.asp?id=420
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    TIME Festival - holy jebus!

    i'm not on facebook... where and when can i get tickets?
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    TIME Festival - holy jebus!

    Yaaaaaaa Right!!!!
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    Congrats Klubmasta Will and Klubmissus Jane!

    nice one will! congrats.
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    syracuse - toronto. how long of a trip?

    3 to 5 hours.
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    Asian movies worth watching

    In agreement... hard boiled rules. Also, if you liked the Departed (or didn't for that matter) check Infernal Affairs 1 for the glorious original that it remade.
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    gee, that's not the illest or anything! i love the goofy double s's in darkness that you had to do backwards.... i want a print bad.