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    TFC Playoff tickets for Sunday vs NYC - Below Cost

    I have 2 great seats to the TFC Conference Semi Final vs NYC FC this Sunday. Paid $216 for the pair on Ticketmaster but selling for $180. Section 119 Row: 17 Seat: 22, 23 (Aisle seats) email me at tommyjk at gmail dot com
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    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    Kevin was very much still an active member of this board so I thought I would share this terribly sad news. From Kevin's wife Sarah: "It is with a broken heart and tears streaming down my face, that I sadly share this. Kevin Keast passed away peacefully in his sleep on Sunday night. I'm...
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    2003 Mazda Protege5 for sale - $1000 obo

    I'm selling my 2003 Mazda Protege5. It has 215,000 km on it. It's a Manual Transmission. Pics can be seen on my kijiji ad at 2003 Mazda Protege5 ES | used cars & trucks | City of Toronto | Kijiji Car drives great (I use it daily) and it's a great little car. Engine is in great condition as...
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    FS : Blue Jays vs. Yankees tickets - Tuesday Sept 22nd

    Pair of tickets for Tues Sept. 22nd in Section 114 (behind 1st Base) Row 21, Seats 1 & 2 (Aisle seats) $125 per ticket I can transfer via ticketmaster or we can meet downtown at Yonge and Bloor today or tomorrow. PM me or email me at tommyjk at g m a i l .com
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    March Sadness 2015

    John Oliver totally nails it last night in his bit on the NCAA, topped off with the hilarious "March Sadness 2015" video game at the end. long segment (20min) but oh so funny.
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    The Evil Within

    Has anyone else played this game? Have been playing it for the last couple of weeks and am close to finished. This game was made by Shinji Mikami and has been called the "Spiritual Successor" to Resident Evil 4 (the last RE game made by Shinji Mikami and what many consider the best and last...
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    Gracepoint (remake of UK show Broadchurch)

    So Gracepoint premieres tomorrow. Some chatter about the show in the "Shows worth watching" thread but I'm starting a new thread to talk about the show as it goes on as for those who end up watching it, it will spur a lot of back and forth discussion I think. For anyone not familiar with the...
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    Backlog of Video Games

    We all have them (well, the folks who are gamers). We buy games we are excited for, start playing them and stop due to time constraints, or don't even start them at all since since we're still trying to finish something else in the catalog. Or if your a Steam person you get fooled into...
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    Luigi Death Stare...

    So since the release of Mario Kart 8, it appears the oddity of Luigi's evil "Death Stare" as he unleashes death and passes other racers has gone somewhat viral. different video compilations have been flooding youtube and various news sites Luigi Death Stare In 'Mario Kart 8' Goes Viral
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    Goat Simulator!

    This is a game made in a couple of weeks by some indie devs. They fully admit it's stupid and a bad game, but I think that's the point. It looks awesome. Here is the awesome trailer that was "inspired" by the Dead Island trailer that everyone went nuts for a few years back And here's...
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    BF4, COD: Ghosts or ACIV free with trade in of ANY game

    Future Shop & Best Buy: Trade in ANY Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii U Title & Receive CoD: Ghosts or BF4 Free - RedFlagDeals.com
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    Nintendo Wii U Thread

    Well it's coming out this weekend. Have mine pre-ordered so will be picking it up on Sunday. Will post my impressions once I get it but I'm incredibly looking forward to Zombi U (one of the Launch titles). Also looking forward to the TV integration they are going to be doing with their...
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    Disney buying Lucasfilm

    According to Reuters at least. Check their homepage -> breaking new banner. Their twitter feed seems to say the same https://twitter.com/Reuters/status/263368955618541569
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    E3 2012

    It's less than a week away and I sure am looking forward to it. Figured I would start a thread to discuss things people might be looking forward to. My top thing I can't wait to see: Wii U details - we'll now get to see some real games on it and how the controller might be used. especially...
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    Decent Pub in Yonge/Bloor area

    Meeting some friends from out of town and our original plan of Bishop and Belcher has fallen through because it closes at 8:00 tonight. What's an ok "Likewise" place that will be relatively "quaint" to host a medium size group for beers and bar food?
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    Legend of Zelda : The Skyward Sword

    Starting a thread on this game if anyone is playing. It's arguably the best Zelda game ever made (Better than Ocarina so far). One of the best things is that just to get to a given temple it can take you a good 2-3 hours. And that is not wasted time. You're continually exploring through...
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    Nintendo : "Project Cafe" (next console)

    Don't know how many of you have been reading up on this. Nintendo's next home console (currently code named "Project Cafe") is being shown at E3 this year with a 2012 launch date confirmed. Lots of info already leaking out about it. - moving back to a more standard controller, but with...
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    Anyone know a good fence builder in TO?

    Hey everyone, Looking to have a Fence extension built in our backyard. Just checking if anyone has used a good referral contractor for this that has reasonable rates/good quality. You can PM me if you know of anyone. Thanks :)
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    Nintendo 3DS

    So I picked one up today (I've picked up a nintendo console on launch day for the last 10 years). So far haven't been able to play with it too much yet other than setting it up/stuff that came out of the box). But it is 3D without the need for glasses. Pretty crazy. Will give some...
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    Happy 25th Birthday Zelda/Link

    It was on Feb 21st, 1986 that The Legend of Zelda debuted in Japan. Over the Christmas break I had started playing some of the games again with my now 5 year old son (Started with Wind Waker, played the DS games, have moved on to Twilight Princess....). Just reminded my again about how near...