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    US Residents having surgery in Canada?

    Hi Tribers, A friend who is a US Resident tore his ACL this week and was wondering if there were places "up here" which could perform the surgery to repair and the potential costs involved? He tore his other ACL 2 years ago and it was a huge hassle and cost him thousands of dollars to have it...
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    Blue Mountain passes.

    I have 2 x Double Down cards which have 4 day/night passes between them. $60.00 each or a $100.00 for the pair. I'm off to Park City and Whistler to finish the season so I won't be using :) Please pm if interested.
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    Flash Player for Mac G4?

    I uninstalled the 10.1 version of Adobe Flash Player on my G4 and tried to install the 10.2 update. It say's I cannot because it no longer accepts 'PowerPC' processors. Is there a way around this or should I be using something else? The Adobe 10.1 wasn't very good. Any help or tips are...
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    Laptop screen on fritz?

    My Dell laptop has recently been having issues whereby my desktop or whatever I'm working on suddenly "pfitz's" and the screen goes a transparent black but you can still see what was there previously in the background. It's not until you manually shutdown can you restart to correct but even...
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    Ikea Ektorp Couch FS

    Cannot fit it into my new place. Light Beige, washable cushion covers and couch slip. Great condition and snoozability. $150.00 pick -up Dundas/Roncy. pm for deets.
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    Stretch + Hooker @ Social Thurs. 3rd

    Isn't too often you get the brothers together behing the decks anymore. Caught them here a couple of weeks ago and they had the place bouncin'!! Good way to ease into the weekend with a few too many. Anyone down?
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    LF: "Rocker Chick" Jacket

    Anybody know where I can get an 'ol fashioned rocker chick jacket? You know the one's with the tassles on the arms. White or black will do. Preferrably someone has a worn one that they would like to get rid of for the right price, but pointing me in the right direction would be fuckin A...
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    LF: Whitesnake concert jacket or T-shirt

    Any of you Tribe rockers out there know where I may find a Whitesnake jacket or rock Tee? Any head shops in the city where you may have seen? Younger Tribers whose parents may have kicking around? Any feedback would be F**kin' A! Thanks in advance. "Once bitten, Twice shy." b.
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    Lf: Personalized Guestbook/ledger

    Wondering if anyone out there may know of a place to purchase a nice Guestbook prefferably leather that can be embossed and personalized in GTA. Pages should be lined and set up to incluse guest entries, dates etc. Thanks in advance! b.
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    LF: APT Mt Pleasant/Eglinton area

    Any triber(s) out there know of any studio/1bdrm apt's or ground level housing available in the Mt. Pleasant/Eggy area. Oct/Nov. Price in the $700.00 - $900.00 area. Must have parking. Homes with a yard would be nice. Sick of driving 1hr20mins to work everyday. Thanks in advance. b.
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    Ol' skool party bombs!!??

    The "infamous" 'Monkey Track' and Bacso--->The beat is over. suggestions??? PUmpin'??
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    Places to camp near K-town?

    Hey, two "amateur" campers are looking for a quick Camping getaway near Kingston. Any recommendations/suggestions would be appreciated. Proximity to water, able to have fire, bring booze is about all were really looking for. Do you need to book a spot? Thanks in advance. b.
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    Track ID-->Weaver

    The one that goes "A system, a system upon us..." Any help? Thanks! b.
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    how good was AN-DER-SIN??

    did he light it up @ Madbar? Reviews, comments. Wish I was there. b.
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    where to get a guy's hair done?

    seeing as there is a thousand threads about where to get the girl's hair done how bout the guy's. No colour, no $180.00 deals. Something funky and for the guys. I'm sure many of the places mentioned previously would apply, but anyone who works good with a guy's head? *insert joke* My person...
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    Barry Weaver track ID...

    25:00min mark two part question. part deux. a)what's it's fuckin' name b) who has the ball's to spin that?? my god.:eek:
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    Camel trinkets!!

    ok, here goes..I need to find a store/places in the city that has camel stuff. bracelets, jewlery whatever. So all you camel junkies! I need a fix. Thanks in advance. b.
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    Guttermouth Fri. March 11.

    All you kids can kick off your March Break this Fri @ Opera House. Anyone else going?
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    Great Restaurants with Great Views.

    Just wondering if any of y'all restaurant go-er's know of any fantastic restaurants with great views of the city or other locations. I'm familiar with Canoe and 360 but not much else. Suggestions or favorites? b.
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    computer question: transferring a link.

    Trying to transfer a link to another site, but once I transfer I cannot "click on" to enter that link. Help and thank you!