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    The Emcee Thread (mainly for haters)

    I agree 100%. My next question is this..... Why did it take so long for the DnB massive (and the dj's) to finally say Shut Yer Yap!!?
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    Raptors 04 / 05 Thread

    im selling centre court tix to the raps/knicks if anybodys interested (buy/sell forum)
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    The Emcee Thread (mainly for haters)

    Ok, so after listening to a shit load of somewhat current (past year till present) live mixes from UK's finest, Ive noticed that the MC is starting to fade out. Not that we havent discussed this before, it's been put to death several times but do you think the original emcee "yadda yadda boh...
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    The Milf Thread....

    About 20 years difference. Her name is actually Mrs. Robinson too! (i swear!) Its on-going..... lol :D
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    Any Lofters on Tribe? (loft aka condo)

    This is fucked. Who would want to live in this? Its like being on display in a store window, but much more enclosed. I think this is the worst idea ever. www.loftcube.net
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    The Way We Were: Old Skool pics V.2.9

    Sherwood girls were eassssssssssy!! Almost as bad as Churchill down the mountain.
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    2 Raptors vs. Knicks - Cent. Court - Jan 19

    lower price $325 for both
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    I got a breathalyzer for Christmas

    I want one of these. This would be so handy to keep in the car.
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    Any Lofters on Tribe? (loft aka condo)

    What building do you live in? Are you happy with it? Own or rent? Im looking to get into a loft, give me some pros/cons if any and some websites/information to look at if you know of any available lofts. Thanks. Jonny
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    Really important Tribe advice thread #36c

    face down, ass up. Bust a nut, literally. Nobody gets prego and nobody gets hurt. :p
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    2004 Charts

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    Pot/Marijuana Appreciation

    Then again a few situps isnt really a commitment to fitness now is it? :p
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    Pot/Marijuana Appreciation

    No offecne but it wont last.... its just human nature to mean well.... but the couch is overwhelming at times. Im trying to make it 3 days stright...... but i feel its coming to an end tonight. :(
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    Concord Dawn - I'll Be There 4 U In The Morning Light

    I thought i was the only one. :P
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    Ringing in the new year with a break-up

    Oh man, i wish i had a video camera on NYE - sooooo funny. Although I am the one whos in the dog house...... kinda?
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    Nobody cares.

    You and me both.
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    2 Raptors vs. Knicks - Cent. Court - Jan 19

    Raptors vs. Knicks Wednesday January 19th. 7pm ACC 2 centrecourt tickets row 20 section 119 Face Value: $180 Each (b4 ticketbastard charges) Wont sell seperately. I might lower the price if I like you :p PM or email dj at funknstyle.ca Jonny
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    Concord Dawn - I'll Be There 4 U In The Morning Light

    Sorry, i forgot this forum was owned and operated by the DnB guru that you find yourself to be. I mentioned it because i was really dissapointed to have two really good tracks ruined by some one-off bullshit white label. Dont like my post? Dont reply. Its simple, but then again you probly...
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    Concord Dawn - I'll Be There 4 U In The Morning Light

    Anybody heard this? GARBAGE! I'm a big fan of both tunes, but the mashup is horrible IMO. Boring, lame and the flow of the tune reminds me of a train wreck.
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    FS: 19" Trinitron CRT monitor

    Dave, i'll take it. PM me and i'll shoot you my digits.