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    LF: Good VW Mechanic in TO

    Hey Tribe ! I know how helpful you all are, so here goes... My car is fucked... oil is pouring out of it and I can't get it to my regular mechanic in Waterloo... so I need some suggestions for places in Toronto... and preferably VW guys... Since I likely have to tow the car, it would be...
  2. K

    Animation Students - Win a scholarship

    deets here http://www.thedetour.ca/crap/scholarship/index.php
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    Things to do on friday ?

    hey dudes / dudettes my best friend is visiting from russia . we have to go visit family on saturday but are looking for something good to do tomorrow didn't see too much in the upcoming events please pass any ideas my way there must be SOMETHING going on cheers :)
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    Geeks/Designers... help... too many fonts

    hey tribe. a freakin KILLER question for a friday night ! i have a CD full of fonts, literally hundreds, how can i preview these without installing them all ??? it would take too long, and plus i think they are property of the client, so i have to give them back. ideas ? is there freeware i...
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    Speedy J

    Words cannot desribe ! An entirely different set from last time . phenomical !!! Thank You SPEEDY J !!! Thank you mono !
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    LF: Appartment

    Hey Tribe. Our landlords sold the house, and we are to be out of here by May 1st w/ the option of leaving before. Looking to stay in downtown area (right now we are close to queen/bathurst). If you know anyone that is looking for renters, but not in a basement, drop me a pm or email...
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    i'm bored

    so here is a pic of a festival we made it to last summer http://www.sonnemondsterne.de/
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    rob hood

    ... was fucking great !!! .. it was nice to see everybody out like that :D
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    where did my thead go ?

    you know... the see you fuckers on the dance floor... ?? tomorrow ??? @ footwork where'd it go ?
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    URGENT: Data Recovery

    Hey geeks Please help me My computer just crashed Mac iBook - G4 It won't boot - it gets half way through the loading screen and goes blue I have a major MAJOR deadline on monday, and need to get it in for data recovery ASAP ! anywhere in toronto, Mac specialist, etc. I have another...
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    Morgan Geist ?

    How was it ? Tell me everything .
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    Lost Wallet @ Salem's Loft

    hi so um... i seem to have lost my wallet... it has some pretty important cards in it like my citizenship card which is a total pain in the ass to replace... luckily no credit cards but if anyone found it outside the party at any point on saturday night... please please send me an e-mail to...
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    Weather Chanel ?

    what is the weather chanel on rogers tv ? thanks :)
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    Leather Jacket Restoration (lining)

    Hey Tribe. I have this totally wicked leather jacket from the 60s' but its in some serious need of TLC... where around Queen and Bathurst area can I take it to have a new lining put in ? I know there is a few places that will do it... but I'm hoping for a good reference from personal...
  15. K

    Luci (one of the guys from EGG) @ Starlight tonight

    so yeh anyone else going ? if its anything like mutek 2005 - it shall be pretty funky shit :)
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    Digital Cards Recovery ? Olympus DX Cards...

    Hey Tribe... I have a problemo with my memory card... for my digital camera... I took it to some asshole in spain that was supposed to put my photos/videos to CD but when i got it back now i get picture errors, my videos cut out half way... and its just stupid all around... so he fucked...
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    getting to the airport

    . . . hey tribe :) i have been so busy lately that i forgot to figure out how i will get to the airport tomorrow... so... i ask you this... where does the bus run from ? and how much does it cost ? thanks :)
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    LF: Small Tent

    so I'm going backpacing in Europe for the month of aug... we will be hitting up a few festivals in germany, beglium and possibly holland... now... what i need is a 2 person tent (small one - obviously) that isn't too much of a pain in the ass to lug around, we'd buy one but we're scare we'll...
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    Large format scanning ?

    hey tribe i have a few large pieces to scan (my scanner doesn't seem to be doing anything worth wile lately) where can i do this ? i don't think kinkos has any ? or do they ? thanks again
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    GEEKS . HELP - roating mov files.

    hey i've recorded some pretty cool clips from the mutek fetsival this weekend. but one o fhte best videos is filmed vertically - can i somehow rotate this ? i dn't have quick time pro i movie doesn 't do it image pretty proolly will but it takes too long to open since it breaks it up...