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  1. J


    Wow it has been a whileeeeee I even forgot what I used to sign as! -jebac
  2. J

    questions about tokyo

    sooooo, what u wanna know? -jebac
  3. J

    audionews invite!

    can anyone hook me up?? PLZZZZ! :) -jebac
  4. J

    song recommendation HELPS

    yo! alright, im looking for a song with a nice and TRIPPY intro around 130-135 BPM. something like ovnimoon - galactic mantra (liquid soul remix) or junkie xl don davis - red pill blue pill. anyone have any recommendations?? thanks in advance! :) -jebac
  5. J

    summer in tokyo

    so... what should i do this summer? -jebac
  6. J

    pregnancy gift

    hey guys a really good friend of mine found out 3 days ago he is going to have a kid. i want to buy him something to congratulate but have no ideas... i was thinking a nice necktie for him, some flowers for his wife, and a small gift (pacifier or something) for the baby. any ideas? -jebac
  7. J

    Full On Psy Trance - 2011

    Hey everyone... so i decided to post my first mix ever. it was made entirely with traktor and my laptop and just one jack (for headphones). meaning i couldnt hear one track on the headphones before mixing it in. anyhow tell me what you think i made one mistake but its ok, i will re-record...
  8. J

    free PDF software with annotator!

    just like the title says! im in grad school now and i will be doing a shitton fuck of reading so id like to save paper and annotate the pdf files. i just googles but came up with a nothin... helps me tribes! -jebac
  9. J

    Hip Hop + Depeche Mode

    hey everybody. i love this song and i wanted to share it with you all, but its in serbian so i had to translate it. not the best work, i did it in about 10 minutes. hopefully youll be able to get some of the meaning... listening to this in serbian is like poetry. great great song by the best...
  10. J

    im back!

    thoughts: toronto is too fucking cold and i am jet lagged as hell... thats about it. tokyo wa toronto yori suki desu! -jebac
  11. J

    free video editing software

    hey there! i was wondering if anybody could recommend some good free video editing software. i want to make some videos for my youtube channel but i dont want them to be totally shitty. any recommendations, besides windows movie maker, would be greatly appreciated! -jebac
  12. J

    Learning a language - My experiences (so far) with learning Japanese

    hey there so i thought id write a serious post and hopefully contribute something to tribe. id like to discuss how people go about learning a second, third, forth, or whatever language. heres my story: i came to canada when i was around 9 years old. prior to that i was living in croatia and...
  13. J

    breaking up over skype

    gonna do it later today... ill let u all know how it goes :( -jebac
  14. J

    how to rip DVD??

    ive tried to find simple instructions on the net but i am at a loss! i have no idea what to do... i want to rip some japanese movies with hardsubs... is there any simple way to do this? -jebac
  15. J

    electro/blog house?

    hey everyone actually the reason im posting is because i saw a video for a movie called 'electro wars' in the main forum. the reason im posting here is because i LOVE that type of music. i never cared to really find out more about the genre, but ive always loved daft punk, justice, sebastian...
  16. J

    sources of conflict and peace in a globalized age

    this question was posed to me by a friend of mine studying at university. i was wondering what everyones thoughts were on the subject. kind of a big question to answer, as im sure you can go in many directions -jebac
  17. J

    Black Men

    inspired by seeing the black coffee and mad men threads together and accidentally reading 'black men' black men - yay or nay? -jebac
  18. J

    thoughts on yakuza style tattoos

    any thoughts on people who have yakuza style tattoos but have no affiliation with this organization? -jebac
  19. J

    Russian speaker help needed!

    Hi there. I was wondering if anyone who speaks russian on this board could translate this for me? Its fairly important and I thank anyone who can help me. THANK YOU -jebac
  20. J

    industrial music to fuck to

    like the title says: please recommend some industrial songs to have hot sweaty freaky sex to, i need a new cd my contributions: marilyn manson - the beautiful people MM - this is the new shit combichrist - get your body beat (not industrial but good) smashing pumpkins - ava adore -jebac