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    FS: 2009 Yamaha Vino Scooter - The stylish Vino offers clean, quiet, fuel efficient 4-stroke perform

    2009 Yamaha Vino Scooter The stylish Vino offers clean, quiet, fuel efficient 4-stroke performance. This is the 125 CC version and can easily do 90-100 km at top speed. It’s super easy to ride, turn and park. It has a storage compartment under the seat. I’ve ridden this motor Scooter from...
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    Cross-country skiing?

    Where is a good place to go near Toronto? I have a car, but would prefer not to go too far (no more than an hour I would think). I don't have skis so it would need to be a place that rents the equipment. Any good suggestions? I have not been in years, but I used to love it!
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    Radiohead Downsview Tickets - June 16th - Pay What I Paid - $81

    I am not 100% certain if I am selling these. I will know in a day or so for sure. However, I *may* have two available and would like to know if someone wants these so I don't have to run around at the last minute and sell them. I paid $64.50 base and with various Ticketbastard charges and taxes...
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    Ghoulish Question

    A odd and somewhat ghoulish question popped into my head randomly. What happens to the unborn fetus if the mother dies during pregnancy? I mean, unless it is very far along and they are able to extract the fetus in the hospital I know the fetus dies. . . but how does the burial work (assuming...
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    credit rating - is it really so important?

    People are obsessed with their credit rating. If I already own my own home, and don't plan on using credit to fund my life (I always plan on having the money on hand for large purchases) is there a reason why I should give a shit what my credit rating is? I've wondered about this as there seems...
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    for jeffsus - the explanation of that spunk smell

    I believe I remember him wondering why Toronto smells like cum. . . The heavenly tree with a seedy side - thestar.com
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    FS: Playstation 3 Games - need beer money for weekend

    Okay I need beer money for this weekend, come to Parkdale and pick up some of my games for $20 each or make me an offer for all. Borderlands Little Big Planet Infamous Resident Evil 5 Fallout 3 Phone me at 416-526-2905 if interested.
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    Camera/Photog Buffs, help needed

    I have a friend that wants a used camera (digital SLR) that is good for taking pictures of punk rock shows etc. for use in print media. Any tips? Looking for specific model suggestions and rational. She doesn't want to pay too much. . . well under $800 is her budget./ She doesn't mind used/older...
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    FS: M-Audio Fast Track Pro - USB Soundcard - $125

    Perfect for DJing or music production.
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    FS: Active Powered Studio Monitors - Almost new KRK Rokit RP5 $300

    These babies grace the studios of Noah Pred and former superstar Ian Guthrie :p A few years old, but hardly ever used, in perfect condition. These monitors are active meaning no amplifier is required. $300 takes the pair!
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    FOR SALE: 2 PIONEER CDJ1000 MK2 and/or 1 ALLEN & HEATH XONE 62 and/or 2 EV MT2 Bins

    - 2 PIONEER CDJ1000 MK2 Digital CD Deck - $1800.00 (for the pair) - 1 ALLEN & HEATH XONE 62 WITH CASE (Dj Mixer) - $700.00 - 2 EV MT2 (Double 18” Driver Bass Bins) - $1200.00 (for the pair) - completely refurbished. Used to be main system at Element Bar (prior to the complete overhaul)
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    brother Hawtpants releases mix CD - early Transcendance raves ambient room headliner

    RA News: Matthew Hawtin preps Once Again, Again Check it.
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    OMGWTF Element Bar?

    This is obviously some sort of mistake. . . but man oh man, I wish.
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    get well soon Dennis Hopper!

    He's got Prostate cancer :( Manager: Dennis Hopper has prostate cancer - Yahoo! News
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    Vicious Vibes - Xstatic CD

    Anyone know where I can get ahold of an .mp3 copy of this early 90s CD that was reportedly secretly mixed by John E? Lot's of classics on there. . . Anyone else remember this CD?
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    Would you like some Oxy and Weed with your slurpee? Oshawa Store sells drugs to kids

    Store sold drugs to children from candy bucket, police say - thestar.com An Oshawa couple has been arrested for allegedly selling illegal drugs to school children over the counter at their convenience store. The drugs were found individually wrapped and stored in a candy bucket, police said...
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    OKWTFOMG Smoothy?

    So I'm chugging away on a yummy smoothy today (Berries Go Mega Lifefood Omega 3 thingy) and I happen to notice the nutritional information says zero for the percentage daily value of vitamin C. Huh? This smoothy is made with Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Cherry, Peach, Mango, Pear, Blackberry and...
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    no cherry beach today

    Kind of obvious I guess. As a suitable replacement, here is a picture of a wombat. I trust this will do.
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    Cheap and close Waterslides in Toronto?

    Just wondering if there are any inexpensive (i.e. not Ontario Place or Canada's Wonderland) waterslides accessable via public transit in or near downtown? Or even in an easy to get to other city. . . Would love a lazy river as well, but not manditory. Looking to take my daughters and some...
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    promise cherry beach cancelled for today

    Due to rain of course. Just FYI.