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    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    If so, then that makes my low feelings as to the competency of the First Order even lower. They're toast. Also, shame on the film makers for Admiral Ackbar's off-screen death. He deserved better.
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    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Haven't been to Tribe in a long time but I knew this thread would be here (started by Will). Overall I liked what they did with the "good guys". How they changed the concept of what a "Jedi" is and what they'll be moving forward. My big problem however is how things on the First Order side...
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    Star Wars....

    For anyone who wants to dive into the details of event's that have happened between Return of the Jedi and Force Awakens, I highly recommend the book series Star Wars Aftermath (3 book trilogy with the 3rd just having been released) and the Book Star Wars Bloodlines. The "Aftermath" series...
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    Much speculation already going on about what Season 2 might be about http://kotaku.com/westworld-fans-think-theyve-already-figured-out-a-seaso-1789701457
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    Alex, what were your thoughts on the show "Lost"? Many of your arguments about bloat or fluff can be applied similarly to Lost, and that show is typically brought up in the conversation of greatest shows of all time.
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    TFC Playoff tickets for Sunday vs NYC - Below Cost

    I have 2 great seats to the TFC Conference Semi Final vs NYC FC this Sunday. Paid $216 for the pair on Ticketmaster but selling for $180. Section 119 Row: 17 Seat: 22, 23 (Aisle seats) email me at tommyjk at gmail dot com
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    Torrent warning

    So does anyone have a recco for where to get torrents now? I don't get a lot of stuff. My last goto site was KAT.
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    The Walking Dead - Series

    I think for sure the aftermath of this is going to consume the entire 7th season at least. Edit: But then people are going to complain that things are moving too slowly :p
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    The Walking Dead - Series

    I thought for sure when Neegan dragged Rick off to the RV with the Axe he was gonna take Rick's hand.
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    The Walking Dead - Series

    The scene in the comic was just as over the top, right down to Glenn's eyeball.
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    The Walking Dead - Series

    What kind of changing point do you mean/are looking for?
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    The Walking Dead - Series

    Well that was pretty brutal
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    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    People with seemingly perfect lives can get caught up in addiction for any number of reasons (as Bernie has noted). It's a real bitch that ANYONE can get caught up in. When it sinks its claws into you it's not a single Big Bang/falling over the edge type of thing that just gets you, but a...
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    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    I knew Kevin for nearly 20 years and I'm in shock and sadness at hearing this. My heart goes out to Sarah and their beautiful children. Words can't express how sad I feel at hearing this news.
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    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    Kevin was very much still an active member of this board so I thought I would share this terribly sad news. From Kevin's wife Sarah: "It is with a broken heart and tears streaming down my face, that I sadly share this. Kevin Keast passed away peacefully in his sleep on Sunday night. I'm...
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    Rio 2016 Olympic Games

    I think from a viewers perspective, we won't "notice" much shit watching the actual events. Social media on the other hand I'm sure is gonna post a shit ton of craziness.
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    Blue Jays 2016

    I wouldn't look too hard/give up too much for another starter. Their top 4 are doing great overall and Dickey is Dickey, who would get dropped in the post season in a 4 man rotation. To get a quality starter before the trade deadline you'll have to give up too much. Greatest need I think is...
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    Recommend a Provincial park with a great swimming beach

    I mentioned Balsalm lake last year when the same question was asked. It is indeed quite nice/quaint.
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    System Soundbar Reopens!!!!!

    ....if you're sober enough to make it out of Kitchener..... :p
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    Black Lives Matter vs PRIDE

    So I'm confused now. Is the "All Lives Matter" an anti-BLM message in opposition to it (like the idiots who started straight pride)? Or is it the next "evolution" of BLM to reinforce an even stronger inclusive message that has the support of the BLM folks.