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    FS: Two Tickets to Animal Collective - 16 May 2009

    Sadly, I won't be able to use my tickets to this show due to out-of-townedness. 50$ for two (face value + service charge from rotate this). or 25$ for one PM or esaskin at hotmail
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    automobiles, safety certification

    where's cheapest place downtown to get a safety standards certificate for an automobile? To come at the same question another, what ought the certificate cost? (dealership says 185) thanks folks - the only threads i could find were focused on mechanics (and VW ones at that)
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    Bloor+Lansdowne / beer

    is there a bar around bloor and lansdowne that has an exemplary selection of beers? I remember there being something 4-5 years ago with a huge stock of belgian ales and many many more, up there with beer bistro/la palette/that place at yonge+wellesley. Anyone confirm or deny? (or...
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    3D Pong

    http://www.homestead.com/rhinoxsis/zFcurveball.html I haven't beat level 9 yet, but I can get there without losing once.
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    cheap airfare to unpopular destinations

    I've spoken with travelcuts and they've been basically helpful, but tribe is always worth a good ask: are there any good websites for finding airfares to non-tourist destinations. Specifically in East Africa - mozambique, uganda, tanzania, zambia, malawi, somalia, ethiopia - but broadly...
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    free graphics/animation programs

    bit by bit i've been stumbling down the gen. art rabbit hole (my descent accelerated rapidly after vague terrain's most recent issue on generative art) since then i've been dabbling in processing which has been fun and easy for making little interactive shapes and also in vvvv which has a...
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    Mike, Trey and the Duo at the Hummingird

    Fantastic show. They weren't phish but they were oh so satisfying. The duo opened up just keys and drums and played a solid set, lots of floaty funky compositions. The drums were consistently off the hook, really dense complex rhythms, let's call them post-jungle fills. One complaint, a few...
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    Online Non-electronic record stores

    i'm down with dusty grooves, where all else do you guys do your cyber crate digging. I'm looking for mostly jazz or rock, old and new (as in contemporary, not just not'used)
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    Favourite Adaptation of Shakespeare to Film

    I'm looking for a movie or two to wallow through, but there must be dozens I don't know. tribe film buffs - what's great out there? Currently thinking of the Ian McKellen Richard III and maybe the Laurence Olivier Hamlet. Is there a good Tempest? -thanks
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    alive in joburg

    did anyone see this at resfest? it looks fantastic - aliens + apartheid - with more money it could surely make a kick ass feature length. now i'd just like to see it on something bigger than a computer screen. here's the whole short: http://www.ratel.ca/Alive_in_Joburg_compr48.mov
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    next level DIY

    http://www.n55.dk/ a brilliant meeting of design and activism - this is ones of the better resources i've found yet for anyone interested in quite basically doing things themselves and with others (but not say with centralized anonymous bodies of power). Enjoy.
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    maps, not google

    does anyone know of a website with lots of maps of toronto - satellite, streets, anything - that is not from google (i need something big but fine scaled and i'm not willing to stitch together 40 pieces in photoshop)
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    flash buttons

    as much as anything, I'd appreciate if someone could point me to some good online tutorials. I'm trying to make four kinds of buttons on a page and have only really figured out the first kind. 1 - when the button is held down, information comes up and the information disappears when the...
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    pandora.com and the music genome project

    this seems like a pretty serious little personalized program. you type in a song that you like and it goes off playing other songs based on similarities in rhythm, tone, key, theme, era, etc. you can feedback what you like and don't and it responds in kind. i'm impressed so far.
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    Autocad question

    I gather there are a few other users on here, I know this is quite basic but google and the help file are just giving way too many irrelevant hits. How would you change a default prompt. for example, when yout type in 'c' then you can create a circle and the default is to define it's...
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    anyone here into this. I can't believe I only learned of it today - pretty intense exploration of urban environments, the TTC parts are especially appealing. http://www.infiltration.org/
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    Photoshop batch processing

    My help file and google haven't sorted this out - hopefully someone here can. How can I convert a batch (244 to be precise) of pdf's into jpeg's. batch processing seems to only resave the file and not save it as a .jpg. Is there another command in photoshop for converting the image to a jpg...
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    installing office

    i'm having some problems here after i type in my product key, it tells me that it won't continue as the source code is corrupted (sounds rather ominous) i tried this with two different friends copies of office and finally bought the software. So this is a legitimate right out of the package...
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    NOW's best of Toronto (a big wtf)

    I can remember a time when these best of lists actually revealed new and exciting opportunities/venues/shops and other spots in toronto. Now I'm stunned by the blatant blandness of this all - especially the food pics. best music store : hmv (i don't even know where to start with this, may as...
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    apple (and pumpkin) pickin

    there's gotta be a beter option than chudleigh's. where can we go spend a day picking apples and take home a bushel. and we also need 15 pumpkins so if there were a way to do that enroute it would be ideal. thanks