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    Triber who worked in glicee printing

    Hey guys! Years ago I got a print on canvas from a triber who ran/worked or owned a shop. It was a amazing quality and I'd like to use him again. Anyone have a clue who that was? Any help would be appreciated. I can't find anything in my PMs.
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    Large canvasses for sale

    hey Tribe, I'm thinking of selling some work. have a look here: Shannon Conrad artwork email me it interested. thanks.
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    4 Winter Tires w/Rims for BMW

    4 Pirelli snow tires (205-55R16), used, with steel rims and BMW hub caps. My mother in law decided to lease so she doesn't need them anymore. Asking $700. I could be flexible with the price. Pick up in south west Scarborough, but I could deliver them for an extra $20.
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    A car, SUV and motorcycle for sale

    my Aunt is selling some vehicles: 2003 LINCOLN TOWNCAR signature gold exterior, leather interior, power windows, locks, sunroof, heated seats, 6 cd changer, rwd, 74000 km, $14000 2000 LEXUS RX 300 4WD silver exterior, leather interior, power windows, locks, sunroof, heated seats, 6 cd...
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    it's that time of year! my plan: saturday Chiclet is closing off the central stage (11pm - 12am) for the 8th time! after that, there's a party she's playing at at the Fox and the Fiddle that I will be hitting Login | Facebook apparently there will be full lighting and sound brought in for the...
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    FS: True Blood: The Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlene Harris - Box Set!

    Don't Judge! They're a fun quick read for the subway. I'm hard on the spines but other then that they are in great condition. Box set + extra book. Includes: Dead Until Dark Living Dead in Dallas Club Dead Dead to the World Dead as a Doornail Definitely Dead All Together Dead + From...
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    Nintendo Wii w/ Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Zelda + Wii Sports kit

    Package includes: Nintendo Wii System (like new!) Wii vertical stand 2 Remotes 2 Nunchucks Wii Sports Includes: - Baseball - Bowling - Boxing - Golf - Tennis The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess Wii Fit Wii Fit Balance Board also includes: Adapter AV Cable + Wii...
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    lowriding chopper style bicycle! - $150 (GTA)

    I have two of these super cool chopper bikes for sale hardly ridden suitable for 10yr old + comfortable for adult to ride low riding larger front wheel super wide back wheel one gear $150 each or $275 for the pair please contact me through craigslist. I might forget to check...
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    Happy dirty birthday MoFo!

    I'm sure many people would like to shout out to you on your B-Day! Love ya Bo! I hope you have a kick ass weekend and year to follow that!
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    Full-Motion Wall Mount For 15" – 40" flat-panel TVs

    Bought this at Best Buy. unfortunately it says it's for wood studs and mine are all steel. it's a good quality product. still in box Sanus VM400S Medium Full Motion Wall Mount for 15-40" TVs - Silver The VisionMount VM400 is a full motion wall mount for medium flat-panel TVs and can be used...
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    Fam Damily Jamboree @ tota

    looks like too much fun for a Wednesday. 20 minutes sets of nothing released in the past 10 years! http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/upcoming-events/157820-dec-16-activate-promo-fam-damily-jamboree-tota-lounge-free-holiday-jam.html thursday me will haaaate wed me
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    funky techno?

    need a mix to listen to. any help would be great!
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    promise - halloween - warehouse

    I was there for almost 3 hours but couldn't fully get into it. it was day 2 for me and I guess I was a bit wiped. the venue was great. bit crowded heading between the three rooms but it's good to see a healthy attendance. the venue was decorated really well. lots of projections, halloween...
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    ///// Happy birthday CHICET! /////

    Everyone who knows you loves you Mush. It's probably because you are like the nicest person ever. I hope you are having a great day at work, but your weekend starts in 2 hours and baby and we're going to celebrate!! Give her some love guys!!
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    fondant for cakes

    anyone know where to buy this stuff? I don't need a lot and making it seems like a pain.
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    Furnished condo for rent in luxury building!

    posting this for a friend building also has movie room, and billiards room on the roof. GREAT BUILDING!
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    Mike Gleeson on Chizzurch! this friday

    there's a lot of fun things happening in the Gayborhood lately.THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD at the Barn. (which is not as scary as I though it'd be!) Barbi. Tightknit djs. Fawn and Lucy have their secret rendezvous on Voglie patio.. I'm so happy there's stuff to do in the 'hood and this...
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    well, there's less than 3 weeks to go! as usual I'm looking forward to Chiclet @ the Central Stage on Saturday and Dekoze/Jelo on Sunday who's getting excited?
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    I need a projector, so I ask tribe

    I need to trace a line drawing up on a wall. 12 feet high, 15 feet wide. not much detail, but I need to keep my lines and proportions so I'd only use a projector for this project. anyone know where I can rent something for this purpose? i know these old ones would work...
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    And a happy birthday to you good Sir, MoFo

    [The Office/] to my oldest and dearest friend, on your birthday I wish that you have a wonderful day, a better year, and that you stop talking about home improvement. FACE I love you BO!