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    Rotman EMBA

    Just wondering if there are any graduates of this program out there. Would like to ask you a few questions.
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    manu chao @ kool haus

    awesome!! manu and his band have incredible energy.. totally worth it was surprised to see so many anglos, didn't realize his music was so well known outside of the spanish or french speaking world.. concert was sold out.. that was really cool.. hope he comes back soon
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    coconut cream

    Does anyone know where I can buy coconut cream in the downtown area? Thanks, Miguel
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    india is coming

    just read that india is coming july 8th to do a salsa show.. that's a friday.. maybe someone could con her into singing at a house night???? :)
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    free credit reports

    http://www.mastercard.com/canada/education/credit/creditreport.html kindof neat.. it works!
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    dvd backups

    There's some DVDs that i have that are fairly scratched up. i have a dvd reader on my computer and would like to back them up to VCD. can anyone suggest software to do this? Maybe there's decent free software out there.. it would be cool if they could back it up with the subtitles on too. thanks...
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    job posting - unix architect

    in case anyone is interested, my company is looking for someone matching the stuff below. PM me if interested. (sorry if it comes out ugly) miguel ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Company: InQuent Technologies Corp. We are looking for...
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    adam marshall / mike shannon in lima peru pictures

    hey, this is somewhat techno related http://www.home.com.pe/portalpublico/data/16ene04.html pictures of a party we did in lima peru on the 16th of january with adam marshall and mike shannon
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    anyone know any downtown core places that i can get a haircut at with no notice on a sunday? i'm supposed to be at the AGO for a wedding at 4.. help! :)
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    GMAT courses

    hello, has anyone taken any courses to prepare for the GMATs? can anyone recommend a decent one? miguel
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    GHM Board: Revisited

    i know some of you care / used to hang out on this board, and it just came back up today. wheee its back www.garagehousemusic.com/forums finally!!!
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    insurance for pricey items when abroad

    hello has anyone else gone to a third world country with expensive items and gotten insurance for their stuff? I'm going to peru in a month and need to take my laptop with me. not that i don't trust my peruvian brethren, but i am genuinely worried about getting jimmy-ed for my stuff at the...
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    mark grant audio

    hey! mark grant's set from last weekend's rnb/pixelate/ritual party was recorded @ bleep.ca mark grant nov 2002 heads up, happy listening
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    x-box live launch friday

    if you want it it's probably good to reserve a copy. we just did it at the compucentre in the eaton centre. also picked up ghost recon. not leaving the house all weekend..
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    anyone going to roxy blu tonight? gene king's allways a treat to see. i think i'll have a fidel castro costume on (as long as i can find the damned beard). look out for me!! :)
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    Angry Italian club owner cuts Ahn

    Angry Italian club owner cuts Ahn [ESPN.com news services] ROME -- Italian soccer club Perugia has cut ties with South Korea's Ahn Jung-hwan after he scored the overtime goal that knocked Italy out of the World Cup, Perugia's chairman said in media reports Wednesday. "That gentleman...
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    any of you check out jazzfest shows? it's starting this weekend. i like to see as much as possible every year..
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    these days..

    does anyone else feel like house club nights have gotten a bit stale these days? i'm trying to figure out what it is... is it people getting bored with house, or is it people getting bored with the venues? or what? i've noticed that attendance at house club nights is down, pretty much...
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    april 19th

    i was told algorithm is going to be in town on that night. does anyone have any info on this?
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    Saturday night

    if you need something to do on saturday night... my friends are doing this hope to see you there --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saturday, April 13, 2002 Returning from his worldwide DJ tour with label mate Kevin Yost, Richard's unique...