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  1. K

    'Culture of Fear'

    Anyone know where I can find a copy of this book (by Glassner I think). Oprah mentioned this topic briefly during her Michael Moore interview for those of you who caught the "go see Bowling..." edition Thanks. Special K':)
  2. K

    Michael Moore - he wasn't joking!!!

    Okay, for anyone who saw him on Oprah yesterday: He seriously got a rifle at a bank?? For real??? I thought that was just a little farcical joke he put into the movie to exaggerate the gun crazy nature of Americans. You can really get a gun at that bank for opening an account?!!! WTF!!!!
  3. K


    Once I actualy found the venue - I had a wikkid time!!! Capital J was amazing as usual :D
  4. K

    Karamel Krew

    Is anyone hitting up this new jungle arena...or am I going to be standing at the bar all alone with my beer(s) :p