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    Projector - Epson LCD

    Excellent and basically new projector. Purchased to start small business, but had a baby instead. Perfect for small business presentations or watching big screen at home. Extremely light and quiet. Comes with carrying case, manual, all cables, software, remote (never used), lens cover and bulb...
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    R.I.P. Patsy

    So many childhood memories... Patsy, famous Toronto Zoo elephant, dies Jul. 25, 2006. 03:11 PM CURT RUSH STAFF REPORTER THESTAR.COM Patsy, the matriarch of the Toronto Zoo's elephant herd for 33 years, has died at the age of 40. Forty is fairly old for an elephant, Zoo CEO Calvin...
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    FS : Canon EOS 10D SLR

    Hi all, I have to give up my camera to feed an excessive writing binge I have been on lately. It is the impressive and one of kind Canon EOS 10D SLR. It was purchased one and a half years ago and used rarely to minimally and still in excellent shape. The price includes a Signa...
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    FS : James Bond 2002 Cannondale Terra

    I used to ride a little bit and this all-black bike was once used to feel like James Bond chasing through the forest. Rodely rarely, a few good crashes but no damage (except for myself). Haven't rode for a year. Needs its annual full-tune up but other than is in very solid shape. Bought 3...
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    FS : Some sweet furniture deals

    MUST SELL, MOVING INTO SMALL CONDO Two gorgeous Italian black full leather sofas. 1 year old - look brand new! 1 full size, 1 loveseat. Comfy and elegant. Kendyl series at the Brick (www.thebrick.com for full product details). Purchased for $1,400 each, asking $600 each, OBO. Beautiful...
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    FS: Subaru Ski and Bike Rack

    For Subaru owners only: Steal of deal 2 Fork Style Roof Mounted Bike Racks and 1 Ski Rack (fits 6 boards or 6 sets of skiis) Assembly package included. I bought them 2 winters ago but since i don't have a soob anymore they are sitting around. They aren't cheap to buy but...
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    Ice Ice Baby

    Does anybody know if they are having the ice sculpting competition at Yonge-Dundas square again this year?!?!? Bueller?
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    Fish whore

    Want to make sushi with my new kit..just wondering if anybody knows the process or where to buy sushi grade fillets?!?!? Any help would be great.
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    Warm Chicken Soup

    WARM CHICKEN SOUP My wife and I always seem to find trouble. We were out x-country skiing yesterday at Kolapur, up on top of the great Blue Mountain. Beautiful day, warm sunshine, no wind, almost t-shirt stuff. Taking some nice photos, wiping out in the powder, just a great place to be...
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    back problems

    hey all, been off work for a few weeks with a herniated disc in my back. hardcore pain. if there is anybody out there who has had this kind of injury before, can you provide some feedback in terms of treatment or advice for this problem? i am looking for alternatives to chiro, acupuncture...
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    WTB : darkroom equipment

    Hey y'all just wondering if anyone could give me some tips on where to pick up used darkroom equipment... or if anyone has anything for sale themselves. For a newbie. Jeff
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    jeff walter – friday mix - driving house

    jeff walter – friday mix driving house mix thanks for take the time spend a few hours in my space 1 Northbound (Ryski Remix) - Virulent, Ryski 2 Too Far (Saeed Younan's Edit) - Patrocinio Beltran, Saeed Younan 3 Dirty (Original Mix) -Tom Sawyer 4 Your Light (Luke Chables Return Of The...
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    jeff walter – tuesday mix - lounge house

    jeff walter – tuesday mix lounge house thanks for take the time spend a few hours in my space 1 Lullaby For Stephan (Orange Slice Edit) - Aya 2 Lullaby For Stephan (Original Mix) - Aya 3 In Your Eyes (Instrumental Mix) - Cafe Negro 4 Getting Closer (Saeed & Palash Mix) - Kev Wright...
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    jeff walter – sunday mix - introduction mix

    jeff walter – sunday mix nice chilled eccentric introduction mix. thanks for take the time spend a few hours in my space 1 Intro Cut Up 2 Aamukaste 5am - Slusnik Luna 3 Riviera 69 (Original Mix) - Chris Joss 4 Lovegame (Rock Mix) - Ean Golden 5 Nuff (Live Remix) - Grandpa Mojo 6 Big...
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    War Crimes Prosecution - Bush

    This would be an interesting situation. Can you imagine? Published on Tuesday, November 16, 2004 by the Toronto Star Should Canada Indict Bush? by Thomas Walkom When U.S. President George W. Bush arrives in Ottawa — probably later this year — should he be welcomed? Or...
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    junkie xl

    how come nobody ever really talks about this guy? i know he kind of gets flighty somtimes but he has some solid solid pure progressive tunes (you know that shit i am talkin' about) . i am actually into checking this out at the guv on the 13th or whatever. i have never seen him headline like a...
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    WTB : Colour Printer

    If anyone wants to get rid of a good quality printer at a moderate price let me know. me lookin.
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    Sam's Club Membership Drive

    Now showing up at your office for a membership drive. Wow a free 5 dollar coupon. I am appalled that they are sinking this low to attract customers. How much more of the world do they NEED!!!!!?!?!?!?!? I am going to cause a stink tomorrow. Does anyone have any good links to some good...
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    Kaoss Pad Question

    Quickly. And sorry if this sounds stupid. I have my mixer input into the pad but it is way too overbearing (redline) on the pad and you can't hear any of the effects. I tried adjusting the input volume but then it doesn't seem to "effect" the mixer line because it is too low. the...
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    Recommendations - Corporate Party DJ

    Hey y'all. Looking for something reasonably cool, not the "regular" wedding dj types which I am so sick of these days. No offence. If anyone has any recs that would be awesome!