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    sports media thread?

    Video quality is awful on a good day. It's a start, but not where it needs to be for me to cut cable.
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    Golfers of Tribe

    I'm on the other side of Toronto, I mean Ontario, I mean Canada. You know, where all the good skiing and golf courses are.
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    Politics Nobody Cares

    Instead of using a litany of four letter words, perhaps you could enlighten us with some real words. Selling off Hydro One isn't the issue, and the headline of this article is a total red herring. There will be 'oversight/regulation' from the Ontario Energy Board, as there is today. The real...
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    HDTV buying help

    The Wirecutter has pretty legit reviews.
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    Politics Nobody Cares

    What are people in Ontario saying about selling this off? Nova Scotia did something similar (Emera). Alberta has never had a Crown corporation like Hydro One. Most US utilities are private companies.
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    2012: the year electronic music broke

    Say what you want about Tiesto and/or his music, the fact that he is a huge hockey fan is pretty cool.
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    Is there a site somewhere that compares currencies on a graph?

    ^^^ XE.com is fantastic. Especially the travel expense calculator.
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    Don Berns aka Dr Trance Rest in Peace

    Very sorry to hear this. RIP Don.
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    Bestival Toronto

    What are early curfews in Toronto? It's midnight in Calgary.
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    The eternal MMA thread

    It really sucks watching the UFC crash and burn they way they are.
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    Can we talk about investing again?

    PM Stir-fry. He'll sort you out. Earlier pages in this thread have some books you should read (the red book). If you have been saving in a meaningful way since your mid 20's, you are way way ahead of the curve.
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    La Poutine Week is coming

    I'd like to see a poutine crawl/week/event that is 'just' poutine. Fries, curds and gravy/sauce.
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    At what oil price does mining the tar sands become uneconomical?

    If some needs to explain to you how horribly biased this report is, you have no clue and shouldn't be posting in a thread like this. Marginal cost is somewhere in the $35~$40 range depending on age and technology. This excludes any startup/development costs. Those only bear into go/no go...
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    Target Pulls Out of Canada After Losing Billions

    Agreed 100%. Their linens and housewares were very high quality for the price.
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    Can we talk about investing again?

    Where else is there to invest in the world right now? The Eurozone is a disaster. Once the Fed raises interest rates, money is going to flood to the US. Gold and oil will tank.
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    Can we talk about investing again?

    The US is going to go fucking bonkers in 2015.
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    Golfers of Tribe

    That's usually what my first round is like on bermudagrass.
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    Android users unite!

    One Plus One is all the rage in Calgary
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    Golfers of Tribe

    I have the previous model to that and it's a beast off the tee, just can't swing it too hard or it goes nowhere.
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    Golfers of Tribe

    I broke 80 for the first time this year as well. Getting better at golf is one of the most painful experiences ever. Sometimes good, which gives you hope. Then you play like a donkey and want to sell your clubs on kijiji.