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    Yes! I heard that walking home from work...so eerie.
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    ^^ That looks like a death trap! How are they not all panicking?
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    The New Pilgrims

    I'd go on this! Cloud 9 is a massive vessel of unusual design that contains a five-star restaurant, a theater, a casino, several bars, and numerous hotel rooms and luxury suites. Its most notable feature is a huge biodome which contains a pressurized natural habitat nearly a quarter-mile...
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    Home Beautification and Home Renovation

    Yes! It's Terrazzo.
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    People's Other Lives

    cinematic actiivities...heh
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    The Mom Thread

    That's what I would do.
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    Killarney Thread - Canoeing & Camping

    just booked a site at Killbear for August! I camped at Killbear (mostly in Blind Bay) for 15 years straight when I was kid. Now I'm super excited to take my kids there for their first camping trip!
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    LF: 1 bedroom condo Toronto downtown

    My good friend does a lot of condo leases downtown. He can help you out! Kevin Yu, Sales Representative ~ Coldwell Banker Terrequity Realty, Brokerage
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    So here's a question to the ladies.

    I'm finding that the older I get, the more attracted to Alpha types I am.
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    Leaving an item in a Toronto cab

    Whaaaa?? I let my kid play with my BB when it's locked and he types shit in the password field. Now I know not to do that anymore :p
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    Your Death Row Meal

    Eggs Florentine...but the hollandaise must come from a powdered mix (it just tastes better to me), with a side of 6 strips of bacon. To drink: a banana-soy milk smoothie. JUST bananas and soymilk. To drink after that: vodka & soda with lime :)
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    Family Friendly Restaurants Downtown Toronto

    Spaghetti Factory is shit! Even the free ice cream isn't worth it. Hot House is super kid friendly. That's where we always end up with the fam.
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    Any small business owners on TRIBE?

    I do! Are you with Moneris? PM me!
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    The what are you reading thread?

    Just got my Kindle in the mail. LOVE THE FREE CLASSICS! Anything that's out of copy write is free to download...Frankenstein for example. Right now I'm reading:
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    Those damned wrinkles...what to do!

    Often those things that are hard to pronounce are actually natural and beneficial ingredients. For instance Tocopheral Acetate is Vitamin e. Not to say that commercial creams don't contain weird synthetics as well! If you don't have acne prone skin you should try straight up avocado oil at...
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    6th Annual Old School Boxing Day Blowout!

    Ding Ding!!
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

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    The Mom Thread

    Also, My friend is looking to do prenatal yoga....any recommendations?
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    The Mom Thread

    what's sex drive?
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    The Mom Thread

    Did he have them during the same fever, or were they separate instances? I know it's totally harmless, but I'm going to be nervous every time he gets a fever now!