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    StretchandHooker NYE ---> 2003

    Tryin to relive the glory days.. eh boys. Nice!
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    reCONNECTED-April 9th 2005

    WOW!!! Choking on my coffee at work.. Selecta, that's too funny.
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    any exciting events within the next few weeks?

    Chu will be in Whistler a couple of days after this one.
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    reCONNECTED-April 9th 2005

    blah blah blah....... Did Andy get naked or what!!!!!?
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    Jeremy in a feather boa.....becomes....Twinkle Toes.
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    You've gotta rock the M O SQUAD jerseys! Do it for the Mandinga!!!!
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    Yes, my brown bruthah!
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    btw; we're getting more snow now than we have all season. And it's continuing all week.
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    Actually wishing I could go to this one. Have fun everybody.
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    Jeremy - birthday boy - Jive

    I have returned from my Sasquatch abduction. My God was it traumatic!
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    Jeremy - birthday boy - Jive

    Happy Birthday Twinkle Toes.
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    HOLY FUCK!!!! That's a lot of memories. I'm fucking dying of laughter at work right now. Andy, you rule.
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    shut up smile
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    I would like to introduce you to Nomes the Gnome

    Naomi, from one gnome to another............... That's some funny shit.
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    Dj Dan @ Madbar

    Just cuz I broke your heart, doesn't mean you have to cry about it, bitch.
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    Dj Dan @ Madbar

    DO IT!!
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    Late night phone calls

    Jeremy's mom leaves drunken messages all the time. WHY WON'T SHE LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!
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    Everything has just slowed down now for the season. Blackcomb closed yesterday. Whistler is still open until June. Niteclubs will still be good on the weekend and it supposed to sunny all week so, patios it is.
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    Happy Birthday Vinder!!!!

    Happy birthday Vinder.
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    shit to do on wednesday night?