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  1. Thunder

    Vocal House Set

    New Vocal House set 1 Lovesick Cureton 2 Memories Matisse & Sadko 3 Body Loud Luxury, Brando 4 All I Want (original Club mix) Calippo 5 Say A Prayer For Me Rafas 6 Thinking About It (Fabich/Ferdinand Weber remix) Just Kiddin 7 Make Me Feel Better Alex Adair 8 Silverlined XYconstant 9...
  2. Thunder

    Liquid DnB Mix - Wintersoul Vol 2.0

    Greetings! New mix up on mixcloud I'll post set list shortly but it's available on mixcloud Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/73u5ioa7zc0akb4/WinterSoul_Vol_2.0_DNB.mp3/file
  3. Thunder

    Casey's House - Thunder

    Hey folks new house mix I finished and put up a couple of weeks ago, enjoy! In case it doesn't work actually link is: www.mixcloud.com/hungrythunder/caseys
  4. Thunder

    Winter Depress Mix Vol 3.0

    Hey guys here's my latest mash up mixtape multi genre mix. I have a few others on my mixcloud, in case you were wondering there is a 1.0 and 2.0.. Please check it out!
  5. Thunder

    Falling Into Winter - Thunder Drum & Bass Mix

    Here we go guys a second mix with some of the newer tracks from last year.
  6. Thunder

    Rene Lavice on BBC Radio 1

    Sorry if this was already posted. So Rene took over and it's getting better but the first few shows he was awful.. Friction was my refuge each week.. my muse to hear new music from all the different subgenres of DNB. Maybe it's something about hearing a North American accent on bbc and i'm...
  7. Thunder

    Spring Sessions - Thunder Liquid Drum & Bass Mix

    Are we still required to post a tracklist? I would argue it comes up on mixcloud as your listening so it gets done there. If not i'll add.. but i'm so lazy. I have another mix in the can that i'm trying nail down i'll post up soon. This one is from last spring people seem to like.
  8. Thunder

    FS - Empire of the sun tickets

    Hey folks I have two empire of the sun tickets for sale 100 bucks for the pair. S_ja0-lHgE8& holler at me if you're interested!
  9. Thunder

    First weekend of December!

    So we're 22 days out from Santa's arrival, perhaps you have some shopping, or parties to attend to this weekend? Or mayhaps just general drinking and training up for your run at getting holiday fat over the month of December? Next weekend will be my weekend to shop till I drop as well as...
  10. Thunder

    SMD and Annie Mac @ 99 Sudbury

    Rolled up around 11ish to the venue, walked in and thought this looks smaller than I remember? :confused: Only one tiny washroom for the ladies :O and a massive spa sized bathroom for the guys seemed a bit unfair but hey I can't complain? The music - I thought before arriving would be...
  11. Thunder

    Le Weekender

    Thank gawd another Friday is upon us and I'm finally feeling human after a massive hang over from Harvest. Tonight I'm going to get couple of things done downtown and then head home drink a bottle wine and crank out a couple of mixes hopefully? I really have been craving perogies for two...
  12. Thunder

    Long Labor day weekend - forcast says rain, computer says noooo.

    What's everyone doing considering it's supposed to rain all weekend? :confused: I'm at the local native bar tonight for a make shift wedding reception. :O Supposed to go to the cottage saturday for the weekend but reconsidering since it's supposed to be poo weather all weekend. :mad...
  13. Thunder

    Celtic vs. Benfica

    Anyone going? I've never had the chance to see Celtic play so I thought I would check this out. Celtic supporters predrink meet up in order!
  14. Thunder

    WTB 3 Tickets XAVIER RUDD

    The hour is late and it's a long shot but let me know if you have a link.
  15. Thunder

    The Obama Deception

    Latest doc from the crazed Alex Jones who gave us End Game. I'm sure they aren't getting together to have tea but honestly? The Obama Deception
  16. Thunder

    Mif big league chu's bday bash

    Wow! What an amazing night that flew by way too quickly! I haven't seen that many friends and wicked people out to party like they did in quite awhile! First showed up to Trav opening the Stone lounge, great set from a guy who has just started playing out. The entire room was alive with...
  17. Thunder

    FS Resistance 2 for PS3

    Bought it for xmas but have no use for it anymore, I've played it once. $50 no tax!:D
  18. Thunder

    Boot-eh at the Circa

    I heard some not so good things but maybe they were wrong, I was not able to attend but am interested to hear about it. Well how did it go? Anyone? Bueller?, Bueller?
  19. Thunder

    FS one lonely ticket to WEMF

    1 ticket 80$ I paid full price (90ish$) through ticketmaster but just got linked with a cheaper option so..any of you old folk still want to party in da bush with sketchyness galore one last time? please let me know! ;) email: tuesdaysfather@hotmail.com
  20. Thunder

    Thunder - Sunday Commute - UK Garage

    Sunday is named after Sunne (Sól), Germanic goddess of the sun, from which the word sun is also derived. The practice of naming the seven days after the then known "planets" goes back to Babylonian or Egyptian times and was adopted by Greeks and Romans. to commute commute To travel from...