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    Flex Rock - Yes I Still DJ

    So it appears the last time I recorded a mix was over two years ago. Crazy. Anyway I pulled a few tunes that I liked, new stuff, classics, some bootlegs and blog stuff. Nothing mind blowing or cutting edge in the track selection but at least you don't have to put any thought into what you're...
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    Follow Tribers On Soundcloud

    latest thing I've been working on http://soundcloud.com/srouss/red-velour-demo srouss's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
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    British Granny DJ a hit in Paris

    You're right, let's keep cheering for the granny who only gets gigs because some people find it quirky. Let's keep paying Brazilian boy-toy models $15,000 a gig only because he's porking a washed up pop star. Hey and next time you get passed up for a promotion at work because the girl with...
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    Guess what's in this paper bag!

    I blame myself.
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    British Granny DJ a hit in Paris

    Lame. Gimmicks over content. Novelty over talent. And they probably pay her the equivalent of her entire year's pension for a gig too.
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    Dear Boss Hogg...

    Boss man is going to Korea to spread the English language and generally tower over people. Happy birthday talk, dark and handsome.
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    Ableton Tricks, Tips and 'How do you...?' thread

    Some I'm looking for a way to reverse a clip on the fly, like back spinning a record, either quickly or in still in sync. Also any other cool ideas for effects for DJing would be appreciated.
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    YouTube - Borderlands How To: The "Fish" Easter Egg Fun easter egg and 'you're on a boat' trophy!
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    Blondies on Saturday??

    Totally solid house night. Rich played the best set I think I've ever seen him play. Big props to the Bouncehouse dudes.
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    Ableton Tricks, Tips and 'How do you...?' thread

    never mind. windows overrode the drivers. reinstall fixed it. volumes a little low now though.
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    Ableton Tricks, Tips and 'How do you...?' thread

    Gah, NEED HELP! I'm doing my first DJ set on Live tonight and now it's decided to crap up on me. Everything worked great when I tried this out last week but now everything is running like crap. I'm using a Maya 44 USB external sound card and running it to the mixer. When I chose my audio...
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    they would have likely had to replace most of the lead cast anyhow either because fans didn't like them (Kirsten Dunst) or they probably wouldn't want to do another (Tobey). I'm calling it now. Zak Efron is the new Peter Parker.
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    Novation / Ableton - Launchpad

    Right, and in user 2 I can hold the first button in a row and press the last one and it ranges the knob vertically across the row. In user 1 I try and do the same thing and buttons of several rows change the knob in various degrees.
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    Novation / Ableton - Launchpad

    I picked one of these up as my christmas present to myself. Is there a way to set up user mode 1 so it's laid out like user mod 2? In user 2 I can map so my effects run across the board but in user 1 when I do that it goes all over the place.
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    MOD I would have loved to join up with you the other night but my connection kept timing out. Like this game a lot. Kinda somewhere between Fallout 3 and Bioshock.
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    Worst song of the decade

    A vocoder is the same thing. If you require a non partisan reference, read paragraph two: One More Time (Daft Punk song) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia what?