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    Obsessive Compulsive Contact Juggling Disorder.

    Hey everyone, Watch this video I made. It's 7 minutes long, and it's silly, includes Juggling, dogs, snow and me. It is the first one I have made, but I think it's funny. I have Obssessive Compulsive Contact Juggling Disorder... High quality WMV (25mb)...
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    Oprah for president

    "America loves Oprah. She's got good politics, a great heart-and she'll have us all exercising AND reading! This can't be a bad thing. Let's convince Oprah to run" http://www.michaelmoore.com/books-films/dudewheresmycountry/draftoprah/index.php
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    vancouver jugglers!

    meet @ science world 6pm - later for juggling fun!
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    Blast - a deaf rave in vancouver

    July 07, 2004 BLAST – Vancouver’s First Deaf Rave Imagine entering a club where the music is pounding so loudly that your body is shaking from the towering speakers on the dance floor, DJs are playing heavy bassline music, and the place is jam-packed. Nothing is different from any other...
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    A question regarding Health and Law

    In Vancouver, where I live, there are many pot smoking cafes. About 2 months ago, Da Kine opened, and when promoting for Om I went in, talked to them. I gave them my speil, they gave me theirs. They apparently sell medical majuana (in BC pot is somewhat decriminalized). They gave me a few...
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    nothing to worry about....

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    March 20 - protest in Vancouver

    Rally and March on the one-year anniversary of the war on Iraq Saturday March 20, 2004 - Featuring Noam Chomsky Gather: 11:00a.m. at Peace Flame Park (south end of Burrard Bridge) Rally: 1p.m. at Sunset Beach (off Beach Ave at Bute) Join this international day of action to say no to...
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    Click if your curious

    Figging, my new knowledge for the day, that I feel nessisary to share. http://www.albanypowerexchange.com/BDSMinfo/figging.htm
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    Roomate Needed

    Hey guys, Looking for a roomate, Feb 1st $400/month + phone/internet/hydro Heat/laundry included commercial drive area 2 bedroom, shared bathroom, kitchen, living room. E-mail infinate_esse [ at ] yahoo.com if interested (please don't PM me) dawn
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    whats you plan NYE?

    What's everyone doin down here is the west side of can?
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    DJ lorin Bassnectar on the West Side....

    December 9 Lucky Bar Victoria, BC, Canada December 11 Night Gallery Calgary, AB, Canada December 12 Fluid Nelson, BC, Canada December 13 FunkNectar Vancouver, BC, Canada December 14 Czech's Party Whistler, BC, Canada The details on the Vancouver party... F U N K N E...
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    Total FULL MOON! Lunar Eclipse - November 8-9, 2003

    Total Lunar Eclipse - November 8-9, 2003 Mark your calendars for an astronomical event that you don't want to miss. In the early morning of Sunday, November 9, most of the Western Hemisphere and Europe will be treated to a total lunar eclipse. And Universe Today is going to be gathering...
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    HALLOWEEN Critical Mass

    www.bikesexual.org East Van Pre-Critical Mass Ride Ride Together to the Downtown Massive Friday, Oct 31st, 4:00pm, leaves 4:30pm Grandview park on Commercial Drive UBC AMS Pre-Critical Mass Ride Friday, Oct 31st, 4:15pm Outside South Side of SUB? Info at Bike Kitchen 604-827-7333...
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    Vancouver - Sat. Oct. 18

    I will be here this weekend.... learning contact dance... :) Episode 13 presents: Saturday October 18th _____Chrysalis_____ ..."A protected Stage of developement" -Adham Shaikh - Interchill Records, sonicturtle.com, Dakini Records (Live) -Shakatura (SF) - CyberOctave...
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    Understanding corporations to assit change

    I have run into a few good people who look like they are actually thinking about everyone in this world here in BC. So far, this website www.aurora.ca states how corporations work, and is looking at it in a positive manner in looking to try and change the corporation face, instead of just trying...
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    I want friends.

    Hey there, looking for some peeps out in Van who can have a real conversation for a while.. I am SOOO not used to hippy speak. Anyway... anyone up for it? e-mail me. infinate_esse [at] yahoo.com
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    Earth Dance?

    Hey guys, Is anyone doing Earth dance in Vancouver in Stanley Park on Saturday? My name is Dawn, and I will be there, looking to hook up with cool peeps. I will probably be swingin poi, or contact juggling, or juggling if you want to come up and say HELLO! I am new here in this...
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    Here I come!

    Hey Vancouver. I am coming to see you and I will be there in a week! I start my drive tomorrow. See you all when I get there! Dawn
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    Little digs

    What's the deal with you guys loving to take little jabs at people and pick them apart? What’s with all the sarcasm, spell checkers, grammar checkers and just plain knocking people down? Do you think they deserve it? Do you do it because you think it's funny, to you? Do you do it...
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    Getto Spelling Bee

    I hope this hasn't been posted before... Ghetto spelling bee Leroy is a 20 year-old 5th grader. This is Leroy's homework assignment. He must use each vocabulary word in a sentence . 1. Hotel - I gave my girlfriend crabs, and the ho tel everybody. 2. Dictate - My girfriend say my...