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    Congrats Peej, Canadian Idol !!!!!!

    Big up tha Canadian Idol superstar for making it thru to the second round. It was a long lineup and an even longer wait. But, you've made us proud. After round 2 comes round Numba 3!!!!!! It's all falling into place. Show'em how it's done. Gary and the Numba 3 Crew.
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    Holy Fuckin Shite!!!!!!!

    We knew we were going to get some snow. But, now it's just dumping!!! It's aboot god damn time!!!! Pow days are back again:D
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    Hey Shann, empty your pm box!!!!

    Need to talky, talky with you.
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    Freestylers in Whistler Nov 19th

    J'nB Productions presents on Tuesday November 19th at Tommy Africa's, Aston Harvey and Matt Cantor from the Freestylers. Pre-sale tickets are $10 at Tommy's and more at the door if available. For those who don't know, you can check out www.freestylers.net Hope to see everyone there.
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    Jeremy--clean out your PM box--NOW!!

    You dumb bastard
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    Hey MisDirXion! Why so quiet.

    How come we never here anything from T.O.'s shortest but, cutest breaks dj?
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    Adam Freeland

    Anybody hittin this up? Thursday night at Sonar. I'm not sure how much tickets are but, it should be an awesome time and well worth the $. He just played in T.O. and the reviews are pretty good. The first half of his set was rockin' and then it got a little repetitive. From what my friends...
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    Robb G in Whistler

    Once again, the man destroyed the place. Not a huge turnout but, enough people to make it an awesome night. The night started out pretty slow. Robb turned to me at about 11:30 and asked when anyone was going to show up. Tommy Africa's is wierd like that. There were only 20-30 people until 12:30...
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    Robb G tour dates-bc-

    Alright, tomorrow is the big night here in Whistler. Robb G with Soda Pop at Tommy Africa's. For those of you that can't make it to Whistler, you can check it out on Wed Aug 21st at the Drink on Richards in Vancouver. Hope to see good crowds at both nights. Check out other dates at...
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    Libralove----the end of my vacation.

    To all of you out there......... I hope to see allof you here. It's been a wonderful vacation and this will be the last night. hope to see everyone there. My flight is at 1pm on Friday. SEND ME!!!!!!!! That is all.
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    Anyone bringing thier skate deck?

    I know that I will be bringing mine but, the chances of me actually skating in the heat and my alcohol induced state are pretty slim. My friends and I have an unwritten rule that we don't skate while we're drunk. It usually ends up in injury. What are everyone else's thoughts? Anybody down...
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    Pope-on-a-rope or Pope-on-a-stick?

    So, is the Pope really alive? Or is he just propped up and being used like a muppet? Any thoughts? I pitty the foo that has his hand up his ass.:eek:
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    WEMF anyone?

    Just curious if any west coast party goers are making the journey to WEMF in Ontario this year. I myself will definetly be in attendance. You'll be able to find me in the Numba 3 cube van and the Dose beer tent.:D
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    Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!!!

    From the east coast to the west coast. Proud to be Canadian.:D
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    Big League Chu at The Drink in Vancouver

    It was this past Wednesday. Chu brought in a pretty good crowd. the only shitty part is the skytrain ending at 1pm. One minute the club is rockin', the next minute everybody is outta there to go home. Oh well. Colin, you spun an awesome set. It was really good to see you. I don't think there...
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    Big League Chu------Wed.June 26th-----

    Just voted Toronto's #1 Breaks DJ in EYE Magazine. Location: The Drink 398 Richards Street Cover: $5 before 10 $7 after 19+ Hope to see y'all there :D