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    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    Sad news, to bring someone back. My deepest condolences to any and all. Kevin was amazing person that touched many. I'm still a bit shocked, but have had some warm wonderful memories and pictures warm my heart remembering some of the great times we had.
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    Nobody Cares...

    It has been 2 years less 11 days since I last visited Tribe.
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    The Mom Thread

    Megan and my thoughts are with the both of you.
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    A Game of Thrones: OMG!!! George RR Martin's fantasy set for HBO!!!

    Winter is Coming!! HBO greenlights 'Game of Thrones' to series (pic) -- The Live Feed | THR HBO greenlights 'Game of Thrones' to series (pic) Winter is, indeed, coming. HBO has greenlighted highly anticipated fantasy series "Game of Thrones." The premium network has picked up the project for...
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    For those that don't know this is a threadless t-shirt: the MADNESS of MISSION 6
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    Not only that but it may also have been a free! "Some stars don't need to either rent or buy, they simply receive their getaway isle as a present. Bjork's isle of Ellidaey was a gift from the government of Iceland in recognition of her putting her homeland on the international map"
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    The original has Jack as the Joker in the picture.
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    video is here: Jersey Shore Cast Turns Michael Cera Into a Guido -- Vulture
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    grandfather with a cool tattoo is something to be praised, a grandfather with that douche stamp is to be mocked all the way to the old folks home and beyond.
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    so I fiddled with her, but I was on drugs and I'm sorry...

    By passionate I assume you mean bored and drunk?
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    Avatar reviews unmixed

    Saw avatar today, and I was floored. This movie was a masterpiece. Sure it isn't the bicycle thief or a movie along those veins but I can easily compare this movie to star wars and lord of the rings as one of the best movie going experiences I have ever had. I was skeptical of the 3D going...
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    I have this full set: Heys Cruzer3® 21" Lightweight Luggage Polycarbonate Expandable; Heys Luggage light cheap (on young st near wellesley there are a few places (haggle)). Had them for almost 8 years now. The largest one I broke the luggage handle on, but I had it overfilled and dropped it...
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    Holy shit: David Pecault is dead!

    who? and what is Luminato?
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    Peterborough cockup...

    Hangin' Out at St. Peter's - Torontoist Today's Metro contains something of a cock-up. On page 10 of the Toronto edition—distributed in print city-wide and available online, too—there's a large Canadian Press photo of several ecstatic young people, credited to one Clifford Skarstedt. (That's...
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    Ninja Master Prep - scam or best thing ever ?

    Blender should be built into the counter top with splash cover (like at the juice bar). Champion juicer can sit on the counter. Food processor and mixer stay tucked away in their nook. Although if you put them on a rolling shelf just roll them out to use, clean up and roll back away. For...
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    Ninja Master Prep - scam or best thing ever ?

    Will being a man with tons o cash (assumption, but you are a lawyer), you of all people should have the right appliances for the right job: Vita-Mix blender (shakes, smoothies et al) High performance blenders from Vitamix Corporation. This is the machine that every smoothie shop owns. Will...
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    Ryerson and Loblaws make a deal for Maple Leaf Gardens

    go ryerson! Ryerson has some of the best buildings downtown, the secret athletics bunker being one of them.
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    Bad Lieutenant = PWNAGE!

    I would rather have a a broken glass enema than have to watch a film with nicholas cage in it, although I really want to see wicker man.. That might be worth it.. He beats up girls and is attacked by bees!!!
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    Start planning your alternate routes - yonge line fubar'd

    for those of you complaining about the ttc, live in Vancouver for a few months... You'll dream of a good transit system...
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    game of 'just the tip' goes horribly wrong

    So basically if I own a restaurant and in the fine print write: parties of 2 or more people will have a100% gratuity added to their bill, I have to pay it? fuck that noise... I hate waitstaff, and don't tip as often as I deem necessary.. If it wasn't for the wife that would be alot more than...