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  1. J

    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    I think the word to describe what I'm feeling is disbelief. I'll miss seeing him at daycare drop offs, walks around the neighbourhood, BBQs at his place. I only have very fond memories of Kevin and the old party days. His wit, sincerity, and upbeat attitude will be sorely missed.
  2. J

    2015 - Year In Review !!!

    - Turned 40 this year and had some awesome celebrations -Volunteered a fair bit in my kids classes which I and they thoroughly enjoy, although not as much as I would liked. Also got involved with the fundraising group at the school with some cool parents. - Spent the year cigarette free. Add...
  3. J

    How many people still post here?

    I peek in a couple of times a week and post even less frequently. I lack the time and energy to do more than a sentence here and there.
  4. J

    2014 - Year In Review

    ^^^ This and a few other things: Started volunteering a fair bit at my kids' school as much as work would permit. While I've always respected teachers, being in the classroom has given me a lot of perspective on how hard they work, how patient they are(especially if they have to teach my...
  5. J

    RIP Kenny Quinn aka pr0nstar on TRIBE.

    Rest in Peace. I only had the pleasure of meeting him once or twice very briefly, but he seemed like a really nice guy. My deepest condolences to his friends and family.
  6. J

    The Mom Thread

    I had a home birth for kid #2, great experience!
  7. J

    Alleged 1980's hash dealer to run for leadership of Ontario PC party

    Brutus Beefcake thrown out of Toronto City Hall | CityNews More 80's wrestlers! Who's next?
  8. J

    The Mom Thread

    My kids HATED to be swaddled, so I'm not one to give advice :p
  9. J

    RIP Achilla Orru - The Blind Ugandadn playing the thmb piano on the TTC

    Aw, so sad. I loved hearing him on my commutes. Rest in peace
  10. J

    Consumption Reduction and Saving Money Ideas

    A small pot of water with a teaspoon - a tablespoon of coffee grounds make a great air freshener.
  11. J

    Alleged 1980's hash dealer to run for leadership of Ontario PC party

    Who keeps voting this guy in anyways?
  12. J

    The Toronto Real Estate Market

    My co-worker is commuting from Borington to Yonge/York Mills via GO/TTC and he says it takes him a little over an hour to get to work.
  13. J

    The Mom Thread

    We did too for both kids, they were wonderful. #2 was a home birth
  14. J

    Oscar Nominations

    Haha! I've always been around, just don't have as much time to post lately
  15. J

    Oscar Nominations

    Shrek beat out Monsters Inc. when they were up together. Too bad, since I enjoyed Monsters Inc. way more.
  16. J

    kim jong Il is dead

    It was the same when his father Kim Il-Sung died, too. Sadly, it's what years of brainwashing will do to people.
  17. J

    The Mom Thread

    Both of my boys were barfers, Miles especially. If she is happy and gaining weight fine, all it usually means is that there is more laundry to do. :)
  18. J

    Help 420 guy win this contest

  19. J

    The Mom Thread

    I didn't, but Sasha at Yoga Space is a doula. My midwives loved her as a doula for their other clients.
  20. J

    The Mom Thread

    Sending good vibes your way, r6bikerchick.