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    records for sale on another board...

    shhh... figured i'd give you guys a heads up in case you were interested in what mr. bloch has for sale: here
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    where's my rake?

    This was more than likely posted before: http://www.myshutter.com/flash/where_is_the_rake.htm but it's worth posting again (imho) but just in case:
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    mp3 downloads from and online electronic record store...

    I recently received and email from Mix5.com a Canadian based (I think...:confused: ) online record store about their new feature: mp3 downloads for less than a dollar (USD). From the email: Mix5.com is launching a new Digital Download service, allowing you to download MP3's for $0.99 USD...
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    a few track id's...

    Here are a few clips tracks that have been bothering me for a while. I just can't see to figure out what they are so i figured i'd ask the knowledgable folks here. here they are: clip01 clip02 clip03 clip04 clip05 ;)
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    mon. morn techno

    i'm stealing these links from another msg board but it's with good intentions. Alan Oldham at Fast Forward Radio Show (Detroit-USA) - Volume 1A (1990) Alan Oldham at Fast Forward Radio Show (Detroit-USA) - Volume 1B (1990) Alan Oldham at Fast Forward Radio Show (Detroit-USA) - Volume 2A...
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    altered states ???

    I have two mp3 sets labled: altered states - minimal techno mix altered states - minimal dub mix the minimal tech mix is absotutley sick and is by far one of my favorite minimal mixes. however, i have no clue where i got these sets nor have i ever heard of 'altered states'. I did a search...
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    whatdayaknow...more computer help needed

    I got a little problem on my hands and would like to see if any of you could help me out with it... I upgraded from windows ME to 2000 pro on a my girlfriend's mother's computer. I didn't format and only wanted to upgrade. All went well untill i was prompted for a password in the 2k pro logon...
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    some of you may be interested in this set: -->here<-- it's a live show of errorsmith's from september of '01 and it's definately not for everyone, but those who like some abstract/experimental sounds may want to check it. ;)
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    WTB: ipod online

    looking for the cheapest place to get an ipod online, preferably within canada. if anyone knows of anywhere any info would be appreciated. thanks
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    ricardo villa...villalo....villalobo....ricardo villalobos interview

    Taken from another msg board Ricardo Villalobos Oda a la alcachofa, 2003 (mario de block) Do things have to come full circle before they spiral you into the next level? Having abandoned his native Chile at already a young age, German house music’s hottest property Ricardo Villalobos...
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    why is that the simplest games the most addicting?

    http://www.hurtwood.demon.co.uk/Fun/copter.swf don't know if this has been posted before...it looks like it may have been.......in 1987. i suppose i like this game for the same reason i have an atari 2600 and play it almost as much as i play my xbox ;)
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    tribe techno room for slsk??

    would anyone be interested if i created a tribe techno room on soulseek? just a thought;)
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    ExpressVu fights satellite piracy

    http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/1060632126503_55?s_name= anyone have a dish that went down last night?
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    old ipods vs. new ipods...what's the diff?

    i'm in the market for an ipod and was wondering what the difference is between the old version and the new version...if any. any info would be greatly appreciated thanks
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    Where can i buy Turntable flight cases online?

    I'm looking for some flight cases for my tables and would like to have them shipped to K/W. I've looked around online and found only one Canadian based site that sells them (djmr.com for just under $400/shipping inc.). I'd like to find something a little cheaper if possible cause i need to have...
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    windows update problems

    I've been trying to install some windows updates for the last while and haven't been having a lot of success. When I go to the windows update page and scan for updates it finds 2 critical updates: Security Update for Windows XP (KB824146) & 821557: Security Update (Windows XP) When i click...
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    crappy situation...

    http://www.local6.com/news/2527428/detail.html i couldn't even imagine.:(
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    m-audio firewire 410 audio interface???

    anyone using this device? I'm seriously considering getting one, mainly for it's portablitiy over the 828 mkII and the price doesn't hurt either ($399 usd). just curious how it stacks up to the 828... p.s. i'm using a mobile 2.5Ghz p4 with xp
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    allen & heath xone 62 ctrl edition???

    anyone know when this will be available to the public? or if it will be available.... I was looking at the original xone 62, but if this will be available i think i may wait. I'd be nice to have some midi control as well. ;) p.s. anyone know what the major differences between the 62 and...
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    Another new vinyl thread...

    Thanks to mr. isoprax (and the internet) i'm the proud owner of the following: Luciano & Quenum - Orange Mistake/Funky Dandy (Cadenza) VA - I cannot see the grass grow, but since I cannot,I do not care to look at it at all (Remains 09) Phylyps - Trak (Basic Channel 02) DJ Naughty...