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    Music Player/Manager

    I stream most of my music now so I haven't looked into a mp3 player/manager in awhile. What do you use(for Windows)? Don't say itunes.
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    India vs Pakistan

    Are they going to war? India, Pakistan claim to shoot down each other’s jets as Kashmir conflict escalates
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    CBD Topicals for muscle pain relief

    Do they work? What should I look for? What's a good price for them? Where can I get them?
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    What will happen to Bill Nylander this season?

    I am hoping long term for under $7m/yr, but I think he'll sign short term. If they can't come to an agreemtn don't trade him unless you can get an unreal return for him, otherwise I am ok with him sitting out the year. I also think if he ask for a trade he will quickly find out no team will...
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    Sending bombs to own the libs

    Three Explosive Devices Sent to Clintons, Obama and CNN Offices
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    2018 NHL Playoffs

    Play the bracket challenge. Go here (NHL 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket Challenge) and search for TribeMagazine Password: tribe
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    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    The trailer looks sick!
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    In Soviet Russia...

    Video: Russian helicopter accidentally fires on spectators at drills
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    Amusing/Strange/Random/Amazing VIDEO

    Same idea as the picture thread but for videos.
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    Toronto Maple Leafs 2015-2016

    Training camp starts this week and we have a trade! Leafs trade carter verhaeghe, Matt Finn, Chris Gibson, Taylor Beck, and Tom Nilson for Michael Grabner. Curious trade. Obviously a contract dump but I am not sure why they asked for a 27 year old Grabner in return. Also, I think they...
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    Home Windows VPN Server

    I am trying to create a VPN server on my Windows 8.1 machine at home so I can connect to it when I am on public wifi(using an Android device). I know Windows has a built in VPN (PPTP) and I was able to set up a connection, but for some reason it stopped working a day or two after. I did not...
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    FEAR the Walking Dead

    New thread for this?
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    Tennis 2015

    Let's start this thread with a Raonic win over Nadal! I only saw the highlights but there were some big league shots by Raonic. For his efforts he gets RFed next.
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    Another Plane Crash

    Holy crap 0fWhYJNZt08 Taxi clipped by the plane
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    Internet outraged man wasn't eaten alive by snake

    TV viewers angry that man didn't get eaten alive by giant snake - Your Community
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    Is Russia going to invade Sweden? Canada?

    Ok maybe not, but Putin thinks he's the honey badger, he just don't care. I just read this yesterday. Why Is Russia Getting So Aggressive Toward Sweden? | VICE United States and now this happened today.
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    Secure erase a SSD

    What's the best solution out there to do this? I know there are programs are there for HDD's but I am not sure they apply for SSD's? Unrelated question: If the SSD supports TRIM function does it need to be run manually or is it done automatically by the OS when it is enabled? My first SSD...
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    Best Super Bowl ad

    Georgia Lawyer's Local Super Bowl Ad Is Batshit Amazing
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    Wendy Davis

    This is unreal
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    Wallenda walks across Grand Canyon

    He's walking across the Grand Canyon tonight. No safety harness. 8pm on Discovery channel, with 10 second delay in case he falls off.