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    Wanted: several 90s jungle CDs

    If you have any of the following and are willing to sell, send an email to vespa_dnb at hotmail dot com I'm not too hung up on the condition as long as they play without skipping.
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    Is stagnation in dance music due to excessive nostalgia?

    Two good articles on the subject: Why Are We So Obsessed With Reissuing Old Records? Does Dance Music Have A Nostalgia Problem?
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    Woman (probably) dead after trying to escape from Diplo

    Woman missing at sea after jumping overboard during Mad Decent Boat Party
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    Be it resolved that "Lucky Star" by Madonna...

    ...is the most perfect pop song of all time. NB: capital-P Pop, as distinct from merely popular. PLWef37ajVY 88Zpc1pj8kE
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    New track -- "Taiga"

    taiga Fairly different from the stuff that I've done up to this point. Comments welcome.
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    Diane Charlemagne has died

    RA link The vocalist behind drum & bass classics like "Inner City Life" and "Kemistry" has died. Songwriter and vocalist Diane Charlemagne has died. Charlemagne first rose to fame as the voice of British outfit Urban Cookie Collective. Her soulful vocals appeared on a string of drum &...
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    Acid revival 2015

    Some amazing stuff coming out right now: fqSETH04QiE
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    Has anyone seen "Everest"?

    Is it any good?
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    Am I the only one who doesn't want to see movies in 3D, IMAX, Ultra AVX or D-Box?

    It seems like GTA theatres only show all of the new releases in one of the above formats. It's a pretty obvious attempt to wring more money out of people, and it actually takes away from the experience for me. I feel like the typical modern cinema screen is plenty big, and the sound plenty...
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    Classics Never Die: What It Means for DJs To Grow Old

    Good article on Pitchfork. I especially liked this bit:
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    How important is context to dance music?

    Due to a bunch of factors (relative ease of creation, short shelf life, "drug music" stigma, multitude of subgenres), a lot of dance music is burned through and forgotten fairly quickly. No one bats an eye when hearing a 40-year-old rock or pop song in a variety of environments (pub, store...
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    How many people still post here?

    Raise your hand if you visit Tribe daily (at least during the work week).
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    What happened to L Natural?

    It occurred to me recently that this guy used to be a Toronto D+B staple, but he isn't on the bill for the Syrous relaunch and I haven't seen him on a flyer in years. Did he move away? Renounce jungle? Go missing in the Amazon?
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    Are there any weekly/monthly dance music events left in this city?

    I'm honestly drawing a blank. One-off events are all well and good, but they require advance planning, and are usually 2-3x the price. Sometimes it's nice to just be able to go to Venue ABC and know that they'll be playing house/techno/whatever. So yeah...are there any?
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    Ottawa recommendations?

    I'll be in Ottawa from Saturday to Monday with friends, and I was wondering if anyone had any sureshot pub/restaurant recommendations. Nothing overly high-end, just good pubs or bars.
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    Wanted: Basement Jaxx "XXTRA CUTZ" CD

    This item Bit of a longshot, but PM me if you have one that you're willing to part with (I don't care if it's the Japanese version).
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    VESPA - Drift - Downtempo/Dark Jazz/Chillout mix

    Side A http://soundcloud.com/beatsbyvespa/drift-side-a Side B http://soundcloud.com/beatsbyvespa/vespa-drift-side-b-1
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    VESPA - Drift - Downtempo/Dark Jazz/Chillout

    Side A Side B
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    East coast fun

    I'm in the early stages of planning an east-coast road trip later this year (probably September). Tell me some cool stuff to check out! I want to see Sable Island if money and a few other factors permit, as well as perhaps a day-trip to St. Pierre and Miquelon. I'll likely spend most of the...
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    Juan Atkins track ID

    Starts at about 12:00 of this mix: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_l8hlkqSZdY