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    Karizma in the Mix - Series of DJ performances by Karizma documented by Kumigar

    Yes, the dancing chef Kumigar here. I make cooking and baking videos, but the root of my video making goes back to filming Karizma perform as a DJ. In the process of documenting Karizma all these years and all these processes, I got to also grow as an individual because of the...
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    Southport Weekender 48 Madness - Video Reports from the Dancing Chef Kumigar

    It was May 13th at 4am. I showed up at the Powerhouse stage and Kerri told me that Karizma was joining his last half of DJ set. At the end of the night, my hands were shaken, because this show was just really REALLY overwhelming to witness so close... I hope this clip shows you how intense it...
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    Name Happy Dancing DJs out there.. my pick this time: DJ SPEN!

    x2VThO2l0iw Gotta love DJ Spen's dancing session! LOL :-) xxx
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    DJ Spen & Karizma vs. House Dancers (Hiro, Pino and Shuho) in Vision

    I do not make my dancing chef Kumigar episodes without the inspirations from these artists. Can you feel me on this? These guys are ridiculous. So glad I was blessed/fortunate to film the footage getting the permission from the involved parties (artists and club) :-) Please enjoy this...
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    Could you guys please do something what you can for the kids who survived 3/11?

    KPOxDvEDqL4 Thanks for feeling me. 3/11 is not over, and the real shit is starting to show its face now with a sign of leukemia and sudden death. I really hope we can do something about these kids.... I will do what I can. Thank you for reading. Kumiko aka Kumigar x
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    Paging Sunny & Sunkist..what were they doing on Yonge Street? LOL

    http://www.hallmark.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ArticleView?pageName=%2FHallmarkSite%2FHallmarkMagazine%2FeNewsletter%2FJune%2FENEWS_CELEBRATE&storeId=10001&mailID=BAE_E_CBO_060707C_V_WatchVideo_NA&campaign=BAE_E_CBO_060707C_V_WatchVideo_NA&catalogId=10051 The mail just came into my work...
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    Conservative Fine Dining @ Mid-Town..Any recommendations?

    Hi guys. Ironic to my passion for cooking in my kitchen, I have a very little dining experience in Toronto. I need to make a list of suggested restaurants for my boss that needs to make a reservation for this weekend. Conservative gentlemen and the wifeys in 50s..midtown.. Got any...
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    LF: Temp/Permanent Place for Rent/Roommate

    Hi there, I am looking for a place to move for July 1st. If you know anyone that may have a place/room available or people looking for a professional to share a place with, please kindly pm me. I am: 1) Professional 2) Responsible, considerate, respectful, cheerful, positive and...
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    Engraved Pens....Any suggested suppliers?

    Hi there, I am so glad that I can reach out to the Tribe whenever I am stuck in the office seeking some useful information. LOL We need to have 2-dozens of customized pens (engraved with our company and partner's names etc) made by April 21st. We got less than 2 weeks to go. We are...
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    Filter Program for Blackberry/Corporate Account

    Hi there, We waste more than 1000 dollars/month for the junk emails we receive to our blackberry accounts, because emails to our work addy are forwarded to the blackberry. We have once set the filtering program in the work server to block this, but we even blocked emails from important...
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    Fancy & Elegant Korean Restaurant in GTA (Corporate Purpose)

    Please list a few fancy korean restaurants that are good for corporate meetings. Looking for somewhere in DT or North York. Prefer a place with lots of stars. Thanks in advance :) Kumi
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    World Map-Asia Center

    I am looking for a good world map where Asia continent is in the center (and not right). If anyone know a good online source for this, please kindly let me know! Thanks~~ You have a great day :) Kumi
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    spAce cAdette

    Amy, please check your pm! Thanks! Kumi
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    retarted sms charges on your mobile bills

    how many of you have received countless and useless messages from the sms.ac site although you cancelled your account looong time ago?? I was charged over $15 for the stupid messages I received from the site: that is fu*king 60 useless text messages. I called FIDO to disable my sms...
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    Hiring: Part Time Runner/Cash Registry/Bartender Position

    Location: Toronto at Air Canada Center Type: Part-Time Category: Food & Beverage - Concessions Position Overview: As a valuable member of the Food & Beverage team, you will be responsible for the quick delivery of championship customer service to fans at Concession Stands...
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    Celine Dion loses it during the larry king show

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    what is your thought on faith? please share. :) thanks, Kumi
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    reasonable reasons or temporary home in Orillia??!!!

    :( I would not want to give you a frown face from in the morning. But I am in a shoe where I gotta make an important decision re: my career path. I was recently given a 6 month contract job that will commence in Orillia from October 1st. The thing is: I must make up my mind-whether to...
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    My sister's summer school principle can kiss my arse

    Well, I was woken up by a scream thru my mobile last nite. It was my sister freaking out and very upset with what I have done re: kids cheating in tests/exams in her summer course that she is enrolled in. My sister has been studying really hard for this course with her tutor for the past...
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    How generous can you be?

    My mind is blown away and I am very speechless after seeing this 100 dollar bill in my wallet after stopping over at the Shopper's Drug Mart a few minutes ago. So my question is: how generous can you be? to someone you know for less than a month and be 120 % supportive to all you are trying...