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    Air Plants

    Anyone know where to buy air plants? I kinda looked around last year but didn't see any to buy easily. Would love to have some in the bathroom.
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    Knife sharpening

    Anyone know where to take kitchen knives to be sharpened up at Yonge and Lawrence area? Mine are dull as fuck.
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    Rock climbing party

    A few girls are interested in getting together for some rock climbing. I'm a member at Toronto Climbing Academy, but there is also Joe Rock Heads and Rock Oasis. I like TCA because my friend climbs there and it is easier for me to get to and from home. Also the belay device is attached to...
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    Girl Hobbies!

    Soooo.. what kind of hobbies are you ladies into?
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    Guy hobbies!

    So... what kind of hobbies occupy your time guys?
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    Anyone know a good Allergist?

    So for the last few months Ive had non stop itchy nose and constant sneezing fits and lots of nose blowing and it's getting really irritating because I can't do anything without being far away from a tissue box because of my constantly running nose. I'M done with it! I was willing to put up...
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    Happy birthday Agent Smith

    Happy birthday whippersnapper Agent Smith! Welcome to this inbetween stage of being almost old and yet still being young. You're almost at 30!!! Lol Too bad you can't move into your new house on your birthday!! Now let's go eat some steak! Xoxox Ames
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    Where do I find a buckwheat pillow in Toronto?

    My buckwheat pillow is dead and I need to replace it. I bought mine years ago and forgot where. Where the hell do I find this thing??
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    Windexing DLP HDTV

    While cleaning house over the weekend i windexed my boyfriend's DLP HDTV. I had no idea it was a big no no as I do this with all my ghetto tvs. So now there are streaks running up behind the protective layer and screen. Is this fixable or am I royally fucked? I noticed online that...
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    I'm messy and I'm fine with it

    I'm a bit messy. I leave my shit here and there.. mostly because I haven't found a home for that item or I am procrastinating on something so I leave it there to remind me to deal with it... eventually. In some areas, it's organized mess. It looks messy, but really to me it's organized...
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    The adventures of renewing your passport

    My passport expired so I went today to go get it renewed. I did this process about 8 years ago and remembered... GO EARLY.. as in.. 15-20 mins before they open... and then MAYBE your wait will be less than 2 hours long. It's worse this year because of the new passport air travel laws. I...
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    Parkour Vids

    These are pretty cool Damn my shitty knees
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    Good morning FRIDAY!

    Enjoy ladies: Puuurrrrrrrr
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    Ugly Betty

    Last Thursday I had to wait around in my Montreal hotel room BORED to tears so I turned on the TV. In between watching the FREE girl on girl heavy anal action porn on channel 69 I was flipping channels and the new ABC series Ugly Betty caught my attention. This ended up being quite an...
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    Justin Long.. coming back!

    Vipers and Colin Shots are bringing in Justin Long to TO! August 26th! Who's in for some dirrrty beats?
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    We have a unique hump day this week!

    On Wednesday this week, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 am in the morning, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06. It'll never happen again!
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    Bal en Blanc - April 16th

    Who the hell is going to this? God damn the line up isn't bad. Salle House/ House Room: Deep Dish 2006 “George is On' World Tour” deepdish.com / bullittbookings.com / Washington / USA David Guetta F*** Me I’m Famous / The World is Mine davidguetta.com / Paris / FR Peter Rauhofer...
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    Michael Drury! Sex, Toys and Chocolate

    I see you on the telly!!!! You are acting way too much like a pussy cat and not the DRURY we all know!!! SPEEDO TIME!
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    Happy Birthday BOSS HOGGIE!

    It's tomorrow but I might not be up late enough to reach 12am! So here is an earlyish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! And my fond memories of you... Imaginative: Sensitive: Cheeky: I'm glad you've found happiness where you are and I wish you all the best in all your...
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    It is Wednesday right?

    Thursday - Drop parents off at airport Friday - Dinner made by boy and then rent movies Saturday - Not sure yet.. maybe do a bit of work and get glasses. In the evening - The Guvernment Sunday - Something productive. START PACKING FOR MEXICO.