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    non-crowded patios downtown

    alright, so there are so many new places that i cant keep track and im totally out of the loop. Im looking for a nice, relaxed patio downtown where it doesnt cost an arm and a leg to get pissed on a saturday night. any ideas?
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    CIBC Sends Confidential Faxes to Scrapyard

    TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce said on Friday it was overhauling its privacy procedures after confidential information about hundreds of clients was mistakenly faxed to a scrapyard in the United States for three years. The review comes after CIBC, Canada's...
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    hotmail no longer supports outlook (WTF?)

    Okay, so everyones blatantly going to go on about how yahoo and gmail and blah blah blah are superior to hotmail. ive had my hotmail address for ages and am simply not interested in switching. however, today apparently i can no longer download my hotmail email on to outlook express if i dont...
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    Tentative UK Tribe Gathering

    heres an idea December 4, 2004 Antiworld Indoor Festival and HOMmega present Paradise City Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Palace Way, Wood Green, London N22 Headliners: Infected Mushroom! (Israel) EXCLUSIVE CD LAUNCH "I'M THE SUPERVISOR" BUY THE ALBUM ONLINE NOW! Astrix (Israel) EXCLUSIVE CD...
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    want. more. whathedillio
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    Cheap Uk-Toronto flights

    someone mentioned there was an airline that did cheap flights from the uk to toronto and vice versa, and i cant seem to find it...can anyone help me out here?? thanks s
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    TV viewers asked to choose prince williams wife

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg...my sides hurt...Television viewers are being given a chance to choose a wife for Prince William in a tongue-in-cheek show. Programme bosses are hoping to save the prince the bother of finding a partner by putting it to the public vote. Channel 4's...
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    Robert Hood/ Monobox

    Robert Hood/ Monobox. In a blatant display of my ignorance, I ask anyone who is familiar with this guys stuff...what did you think? yes/no? Ive been looking for 'different' stuff and by the reviews Ive read this fits the bill. Anyone like his work?
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    Is anyone familiar with the side-effects of valium? Are there any known instance where taking valium renders a person incapable a appreciating risks and evaluating potentially harmful situaations? Hmm...using tribe as my personal thinktank is goood. then again this thread may end up DOA
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    Computer chips turn into potatoes...this guys brain must have been mashed

    hahahahahaComputer's chips turn into potatoes Ben Aris in Berlin Tuesday January 13, 2004 The Guardian Staff at a department store in the German city of Kaiserslautern called detectives after an angry customer tried to return a computer stuffed with potatoes to the shop twice on the...
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    Pietro Grossi -Musicautomatica (Die-Schachtel)

    I thought fellow technosnobs would find this interesting... particularly the fact that he was doing this kind of stuff in the 60s and the concept that authorship is redundant, as one mans final product is anothers raw material. Article belowPIETRO GROSSI MUSICAUTOMATICA Progetto 2-3 Year...
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    New WJ Henze record - Omoiyari

    Apparently Henze just released this a few days ago on Synopsis...however, having found 'the' synopsis' website (very sketchy...sounds like its house and breaks from florida, I dont know whats up with that) they havent heard of it...anyone else know anything about this?
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    Looking For Boredoms On Vinyl...vision Creation Newsun

    Alright, Ive looked EVERYWHERE for this fucking record...its by the boredoms, and its called vision creation newsun. If anyone has a copy theyre willing to part with, or know where I can get it, PLEASE pm me. I should be back in toronto around the 26th.
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    parties in Sri Lanka?

    Hi all, Im going to be in Sri Lanka for the next week for a conference and I was wondering if anyone would be able to direct me to the parties, particularly any techno, if available? Cheers Shahriar