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    i want to serve breakfast / brunch downtown on saturday mornings

    Yeah, we are hiring at the restaurant i work at. PM me for more details. Cheers
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    fukhouse friday/tim patrick's bday

    i'll definately be going for some fun. Looking forward to seeing everyone I missed on NYE...and celebrating timmy's bday ;) mar
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    nic fanciulli @ TIL

    Looks like this event might be my first time at TIL... so looking forward to a proper set from Nic
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    MODESELEKTOR @ the Elmo..

    WHEN?!? my favorite track of the moment is from these guys, and its fuckin WIKKED. Sweet_e
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    TV Personalities that provoke homicidal urges

    OMG i cannot stand watching her. She is the stupidest, most annoying woman on TV. Sweet_e
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    John Tejada

    Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    this should be a national holiday

    i personally like the date older women link http://www.cougarhunter.ca/ Sweet_e
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    ontario colleges on strike.

    from everything i have read they have no intent of cancelling the school year as of yet. I am sure that if it did get to that point (ie condensed or extended semester is no longer a possiblility) then our tuition would either be transferrable or we would get a refund
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    ontario colleges on strike.

    i dont know if i should study for my midterm tomorrow or not? does everyone think this will really go as long as a week or more and not get resolved within a couple of days? Sweet_e
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    Phil Weeks - Footwork

    well if its your birthday then i will for sure be coming down!!!!!!!!!! See ya on sat Maria
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    Fred Everything at Footwerk

    Looks like I will be hitting this up as soon as i am done work. I am looking forward to dancing to Fred's dirty beats again Sweet_e
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    I'm fuckerd

    oh shit Chris that sucks. you definately dont deserve that. However, judging from your spelling and grammar ;) you shouldn't do anything about it tonight. Nor should you stress about it tonight, cuz under the circumstances you probably arent thinking clearly and are just riding emotion. Go...
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    Speedy J

    first of all, if the Dukes are bland, then water is dry. second of all, they didnt even play rockno last night... just straight up techno. otherwide the party was pretty good. A little bit of a sauasage fest, and the bathroom situation was aggrevating, but i was definately glad i went down...
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    darwin at work

    someone should tell these choosen few that at this rate they are eventually going to eliminate themselves. Sweet_e
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    Paranoid Jack @ the Crystal room Feb 10

    I think they are going on at 12-12:30 I'm looking forward to this night. Its been a while since i've had the pleasure of hearing Tim and Paranoid Jack... it's going to be a treat. see ya there Sweet_e
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    Happy Birthday oeretS!

    Happy Birthday Rich!!!!!!!!! Maria
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    A Clever Neighbor Ruse?

    maybe she has a stutter when talking to people due to insecurities etc that arent there when speaking to dogs makes sense to me sweet_e
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    Japanese kids living in their room for years (warning: long article)

    i dont understand how the parents of the kids let this happen. I cant comprehend how they let the kids stay in their room for a day or two much less years.... Sweet_e
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    2thebeat 3 year anniversary

    I arrived just before 1am so unfortunately I missed most of Ree's set but i heard he dropped some sick lekkeds. Dave the Drummer was insane and Kick was friggin amazing. Turts was really good as well but i didnt catch all of it. Highlight of the night: Getting asked to sign someones...
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    Mexican Resorts

    i think you can pull it off in a hot pink :D Sweet_e P.S glad you are back