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    Anonymous- A message to Canadians.

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    FS: Pioneer DJM600

    I am selling my beloved DJM600 for just $550. This mixer was used to playout on a few occasions, but everything works clean and crisp. I do not have the original box, but will include my road case with it. See actual pics below and description from the Pioneer website.
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    Happy February 1st.

    According to the Hanke-Henry Permanent Calendar, today is the first day of February. The idea behind this permanent calendar is to create a permanent calendar. Every year starts on a sunday, every year your birthday is the same day of the week, every year Canada Day is a Sunday. Calendar...
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    so i dropped Shaw TV, Internet and Phone for Teksavvy back in July. I can survive without the tv and phone, but NEED the internet at home. Apart from them selling me a modem that is not compatible with their service in my area, then not shaw not adding my new modem to the authorization list, I...
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    Nfl 2011/12

    The schedule came out today, the draft is next weekend, and the forced mediation is happening in minneapolis. I'm looking forward to the eagles games in Buffalo, Miami and Seattle this year. i don't understand the concept of Cam Newton going #1 to Carolina. He's not proven and could turn...
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    Excision @ Fortune Sound Club

    this thursday, may 13th. anyone going?
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    Are you running Google Chrome OS?

    Download (Chrome OS) About Chrome OS 2009-10-21: New Chrome OS 0.4.223 beta is available now! Chrome OS is a brand new free operating system built around the revolutionary Google Chrome browser. The project aim is to provide a lightweight Linux distribution for the best web...
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    firefox 3.5

    officially released. only a few of my add-ons were not supported, but for the most part, its pretty quick. comparable to chrome. get it here
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    Hey, GWB! Look over there! Yoink!

    In what’s the closest I’ve ever seen to divine intervention, George Bush has lost his $7M book deal when the Random acquiring editor got a case of the moral heebeejeebees and was ostrasized by colleagues. Obviously this woman is no Judith Regan. Didn’t you leave your soul at the coat check...
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    straight out of sunnyvale

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    Abort. Yes / No

    During your pregnancy you learn that you baby will be born with brain cancer. hypothetically you are still at a term where abortion is an option. Abort [ ] No [ ] Yes
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    MUTO aka, the craziest thing i have ever seen.

    MUTO, BLU's wall-painted animation (old but holy shit) http://www.blublu.org/sito/video/muto.htm
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    if they take my stapler then I'll set the building on fire...

    OR going postal. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=db1_1212454812
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    Pantone Number

    can anyone tell me what the pantone number (of the blue - Library) is for the following image? thanks.
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    FAO: That 420 Guy

    yer internet famous: I don't know you, but I think that is you in the picture.
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    RIP - Chris Benoit

    Chris Benoit, family found dead Written: June 25, 2007 World Wrestling Entertainment is deeply saddened to report that today Chris Benoit and his family were found dead in their...
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    too many keyboards and mice?

    SYNERGY use synergy to eliminate your extra mice and keyboards and extend your desktop to the other machines. i use it at work and at home and love it.
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    Japanese fooled in poodle scam

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    rock the bells tour NYC, San Bernadino, San Francisco

    i got me 4 tickets to the san fran show. now i have something to look forward to this summer. i know people will slag the promoters for the failed canadian tour, but i see no problems with this goin off in the u.s. presale code is GUERILLA
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    display problem

    has anyone experienced the following? : :confused: i have a blue highlighted "Task Manager" stuck ontop of all other screens on my monitor. no matter what window appears on the screen, this Task Mangager highlighted in blue is on top. this started happening this week, and is really annoying...