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  1. ninja

    Introduce Your Avatar !

    Mine is an image of a linocut print from an artist named Sybil Andrews. She's a favourite artist of mine. If you want more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sybil_Andrews
  2. ninja

    Recommend a Provincial park with a great swimming beach

    Juan de Fuca Provincial Park Its likely a little far from Ontario but I've always enjoyed Sombrio Beach along the Juan de Fuca Trail (In Juan de Fuca PP). Good Surfing. Waterfalls near by and great views. Close to Victoria which makes an easy day trip.
  3. ninja

    Discgolf - Anybody Else?

    If you are ever in Whistler in the summer The Hydro line Course in Lost lake park is really well done. 27 holes. Mix of poles and baskets. great views and free.
  4. ninja

    THUMP - History of EDM in Canada Video

    Thanks for posting that video. It makes me smile to think of the wonderful times had by so many people back in the late 90's and early 00's when I was still parting in Ontario. I am happy to see that all the work that promoters did back then has developed into a sustainable industry. I...
  5. ninja

    Pan Am Games: Turns out it is going to cost $2.1 billion and not $1.4 billion

    Glad to hear! As someone that lived through the Vancouver/Whistler Olympics and hearing all the complaints around it , I find it interesting reading this thread. The 2010 Olympics were amazing. Yes, there were cost overruns and The Athletes village in Vancouver was dubbed "Where condo's...
  6. ninja

    2013 summer of dnb?

    This thread raises a questions that I had not considered in a long while. How do you get booked in the digital age? I remember I started getting booked by being in the record shop any chance I could , digging for music and building relationships with the store owner who was also a promoter...
  7. ninja

    Peter Pans, Adultescents... Still living in your parents' basement?

    So what exactly are the other 49% ? Is there a massive non male/ non-female demographic that just refuse to grow up? Currently I am completely house poor. But I know that I have had a good decade of partying and have been fortunate enough to find work that I really enjoy. My wife and I...
  8. ninja

    Roommate Rental Landlord Living-Space Neighbour Horror Stories

    ^ Awwnaw's post is excellent. As a new Landlord it has been great to read through this thread. I agree that many landlords really do not know the rules around tenants rights as well as they should. Most are just mom&pop type of operations that are trying to save for retirement which leaves...
  9. ninja

    Home Beautification and Home Renovation

    Are there ReStore's in Toronto? I was renovating a bedroom in my home and found 100 year old wood floors under the wall to wall carpet. Due to expanding the size of the room we needed some more flooring. I started with a flooring store and on a whim checked out Restore ( contractors donate...
  10. ninja

    Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence's Hunger Strike

    In an above post there was reference to precolonial existence. This idealized past always intrigues me. What was the past actually like? We are fed images of "pure" or "noble" culture but in terms of life expectancy, infant mortality and other standard markers of quality of life; was the...
  11. ninja

    Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence's Hunger Strike

    It is interesting reading all the different opinions in the media and on here. Acheron's post was well done. I live on Vancouver island. It is very interested seeing the range of how certain bands are managed here. There are some that are thriving and you can see it. They have businesses...
  12. ninja

    [[...might as well face it you're addikted to snow 2011/2012...]]

    Wednesday Hiking the Flute looking towards Black tusk lots of good snow to be found
  13. ninja

    The what are you reading thread?

    I just finished this. If you are looking for a fun novel in the old west it is well worth picking up.
  14. ninja

    [[...might as well face it you're addikted to snow 2011/2012...]]

    I Was up at Cyprus before Christmas and it was good times for night skiing but not alot of snow yet. Whistler yesterday (Dec 26) was amazing. They're starting to get a lot more snow and it was nice to have a good 20cm of fresh. Got to ride Couloir just after it was bombed and it was great...
  15. ninja

    2011: What happened?!

    2011 was a pretty good year . A total blur in that it went rather fast. I completed the first year of owning a business. It took up the vast majority of time. Had some big successes and total failures with it. Managed not to let the stress of work effect my home life too much. It was nice...
  16. ninja

    New Crime Bill Passes House

    Do you think its a little odd that the time where media attention is most important that it was diverted towards something everyone will have relative shock and awe for? Kind of the "Holly crap there's Elvis" approach.
  17. ninja

    New Crime Bill Passes House

    I am not normally one for conspiracy theories but I found myself wondering why Attawapiskat was all of a sudden getting all the attention from the government and media? Maybe as a diversion from causing more public debate right as this bill was to go through. The state of many reservations...
  18. ninja

    I got screwed!

    Kal Tire is great. I got new tires from them last time and over the lifetime of the tire they'll basically fix anything, do rotations etc. all for free.
  19. ninja

    The Ps3 User Thread...

    Thanks for the suggestions. I feel that with winter arriving and not living in whistler anymore there will be lots of time for games this winter . I played a bit of la noir tonight and after Arkham City it was a little boring Interesting visually but not as engaging I heard good...
  20. ninja

    The Ps3 User Thread...

    Just was given a ps3 last week. I 'm usually not too into games but started with Batman Arkham City and wholly shit! that game has me hooked. I've finished the main story line but the amount of side missions and riddler trophies is pretty immense. Its amazing how large the scope of games are...