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  1. ninja

    Moving to Whistler

    A long lost hello to the Vancouver Room. It appears that I am moving from Victoria to Whistler due to my job. So I'm looking for your experiences living/working /playing in whistler. I know the villiage and most of the basics but need would love to know more about decent areas to live...
  2. ninja

    Christmas Bonuses !??!

    Do you receive a bonus at this time of year? I ask because I was lead by my manager to believe that if we kept sales rising over this month then we'd get a significant bonus around Christmas. I just got my pay cheque and NO BONUS! (after My manager and I have almost doubled sales so far this...
  3. ninja

    Psst Aki:

    So I hear this weekends going to be pretty Technorific. Soo Excited
  4. ninja

    Soundwave anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone else on here is making the trek over for this amazing festival. I'll be playing the Liquid Soul Sound stage, I dont know my set time yet but I'll post once I know. Date: July 13th -15th The line up so far The Main Stage Line up is still a mystery. but the other stages...
  5. ninja

    Tuesday May 22nd...

    I'm in town mon-wed and I'm thinking I might head out for a few drinks w/ some frineds, if anyone wants to join in they're welcome to. not too sure where me and two frineds living in town are heading but post if you're into comeing and I'll make sure to get back to you before heading out. Mike
  6. ninja

    moving to Calgary. Any other tribers out here?

    Hello, this fourm seems a little dead but though I would post just to get a feel for what life here is like. I might be taking a job here and am looking for all the basics. what are fun areas of town to live in. general rent prices, good places to look for apts. IE craigslist/daily paper etc...
  7. ninja

    Dnb in a Church!?

    I have this all ages gig where the venue is a church, I'm pretty excited actually, I think it would be a good change of context for the music vs location. ( as opposed to the usualy club/party/lounge environment) My question is any good track suggestions? theres the obvious ones Heaven &...
  8. ninja

    Special V-day Set tonight.

    I've gone through all my old tunes to find Tracks with love in the title or vocals of a track. It should be good listening (whats in the Bag in no order) Mathmatics: Deja Nu Greg packer: Gotta love Total Science: Good love Q project: Living with beaker Click & Cycle: The Danger Dj...
  9. ninja

    Call for Can Con Electronic music!~

    Hey there everyone. I do a program called sequential sound box on CFUV 101.9 the program has been running for a good long while and when thinking of new shows to come up with I though I'd see if I could gather some tunes from the people of tribe and do a independant can con showcase for the...
  10. ninja

    Snow Cam Thread!

    Just thought I'd list some snow cams to see where's snowy as we all wait with anticipation for the season to begin. Mt. Washington Whistler Cam Blackcomb Whistler peak Lake Louise Base cam Sunshine Village Silver Star Big White Fernie Apex Sun Peaks mmmmm snow.
  11. ninja

    C'est Halloween!

    I may be in Vancouver on the 28th and just wondering if anyone knows of any good nights going on. I know that I'll be at the Akufin show at open studios on the friday but as of right now saturday is a void, other than the Critical mass bike ride. any suggestions? Mike
  12. ninja

    Anyone heading down to Newforms on the 23rd?

    Hey everyone, I'm coming across from the island to check out the timestretch event on the 23rd to support my brother and tomas and Dan's set there. Just wondering if anyone else is headin down and would want to meet up for a drink at the show. for those who don't know what the New Forms...
  13. ninja

    HELP NEEDED: what does this mean?

    FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it! This is what comes up on a website for the company I work for. Upon trying to enter the admin suite same msg comes up. please help. Mike
  14. ninja

    anyone going to the lotus long weekend this sunday?

    Hey I'm just wondering if anyone is headed to this? I'll be in vancouver after a wedding I have on saterday and will be heading down with some frineds to see my brother play in lick if anyone else is heading down, give a post and we can meet up for a drink. mike
  15. ninja

    Kenny Glasgow tonight on Sequential Sound box (25/7/06)

    He may be a local to some of you but I'm happy to announce that he'll be spinning a guest set on the show tonight. He just played a great set at hush on friday so tune in and see what you may have missed 10:30-midnight PST cfuv.uvic.ca Mike
  16. ninja

    did anyone got see tiga on saterday?

    I was going to come off the island for this one since my love for tiga is a little freaky but had to cover a shift at work on sunday. if any one went how was it ?
  17. ninja

    NCRA Conf. Ottawa june 5-10th

    Hey I'm just wondering if anyother tribers out there are involved in Radio and are heading to the NCRA conf. this year? I've never been beofre but it sould be a good time and a little break from BC for a bit. if there are any other tribers going we should all gettogether for a drink. Mike
  18. ninja

    CFUV 101.9 Fundraiser March 15th

    For anyone in Victoria or going to be here on the 15th/ Its fundrive time again so CFUV and Shifter are bringing you some good music for a good cause. March 15th 2006 Jungle Room $5 min donation. Hrdvsion: Wagon Repair, Plak, IIWII, Traum Great White Bird: Air Traffic recs. lotusboy.com...
  19. ninja

    I need some new boots

    anyone have some suggestions? Right now I have a pair of DC premier 2's and the valve in the pump thing is dead . this mean no heal hold w/o tying my boots so tights that I cut off the circulation to my feet and noone likes that on a long chiarlift ride. These boots were amazing while the...
  20. ninja

    Sequential Sound Box Friday's Midnight-1:30 EST

    Sequential Sound Box. Weekly 9-10:30 PST cfuv.uvic.ca 101.9 FM in victoria This show is basically a cross between Radio 3 podcasts and Brave New Waves. The purpose of the show is to search out independant producers and let the rest of the internet, and Victoria know whats going on out...