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    Natural / Non-synthetic Skin and Hair care products

    I didn't want to wade too heavily into the dispute re: Organic products vs Natural products, in the 'organic products' thread, so I've started a new thread with a slightly more explanatory title. (and stupidly long because of it. lol) In the spirit of looking more seriously at non-synthetic...
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    Ottawa Tribers - UNITE!

    Hamza, m0ff and I are grabbing some food and beverages tomorrow evening after work. We'll be meeting on Elgin St.. If any Ottawa tribers, or tribers currently IN Ottawa feel like joining us, shoot me a pm and I'll give ya the details.
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    Hippity Hoppity Happity Birthday, miss m0ff!

    Just got home from a little shindig at m0ff's place, and still seeing no b-day thread on here - figured I'd get it going. So - for the craftiest midget I know, who has more vanilla scented items in one room of her house than I have owned in my lifetime... a VERY happy birthday wish! I...
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    LF: Used but working Fido cell

    My phone finally crapped out, after almost 4 years of service with me, and who knows how many with its previous owner... The replacement that was lent to me is almost un-usable (the only thing it does fully is answer calls), so I'm on the hunt for a cheap used Fido-compatible phone...
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    Famed Ottawa Drinking Hole Lives Up To Its Name

    A quasi-heritage building in Ottawa collapsed this afternoon. Home of the Duke of Somerset, a.k.a. 'the place where underage youth went to drink in the 80s and 90s', and home away from home of the band 'Jimmy George'. m0ff, Ottawa triber, is unconcerned about the trapped man's prognosis, and...
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    Transcription service recommendations?

    I need to find a transcription service (from recording to paper) as quickly as possible. It turns out the person we gave a contract to doesn't 'do' regular sized tapes. sheesh. Anyone ever use a transcription service that they can recommend?
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    The Happiest of Birthdays, Mr. Rataxès

    You're starting out well, with a broken toe for your birthday... Hopefully that'll be the worst luck that finds you this year. You are an annoyingly awesome person, and I'm very glad you're part of my life. ch33se Happy 33rd! Oh yeah, and I told everyone at your office that it's...
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    What to do with a cute, but almost dead, mouse.

    I woke up this morning to a loud <thump> and the sound of my cat running down the hallway. Curious, I called to him. When he *didn't* come running, immediately meowing for breakfast (he's a perpetually hungry pig), I got really curious. I went out to the living room, half expecting to see him...
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    Business attire - ack!

    Help! I have a job interview for a 'real' job on Wednesday, and I'm a complete loss when it comes to dressing the part. I've never had or even interviewed for a job that I couldn't just wear a nice pair of pants with a dressy sweater. This is brand new for me. Me, in a suit... heh. Who'da...
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    Super-Duper Hippity-Hoppity Happy Freakin' Birthday, m0ff!!

    To the smartest young chickadee I know - I hope your day is filled with happy thoughts and good times. You are a very special person, with one of the best hearts around. Enjoy your day, cutie-pie. ~sarah.
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    Foot Care

    hey ladies - i can't afford a pedi, but i still want my feetsies to look and feel nice and smooth and pretty... anybody got any great hints for tools and such? i've been looking for a really good pumice, to replace the one i've been using for years (it's getting a little small/worn...
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    Happy Birthday Rataxès!!!

    For the boy who's name no one can spell (it's Alt-138, btw); With the baby in constant danger of being stolen out from under his nose; Who never gets good Valentine's gifts; Who is now as ancient and decrepit as his cougar-girlfriend; Who always tries to make everyone laugh, or at least...
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    happy (belated?) b-day trinitydub!

    so - i know it's your birthday, either yesterday, today or tomorrow, but i suck and i don't know the exact day. anyhow - have a *fabulous* birthday, whenever it is! and be careful - you're catching up - getting old! :D you rawk, chickadee. glad i know you - you make me laugh, and grin, and...
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    cpu won't boot up - HELP!!

    i go to turn on my cpu this morning, and the lights go on, but nothing happens. i hear the normal sounds for a minute or so, but nothing on the monitor. it just doesn't seem to be starting up fully. what the hell do i do? where do i start in figuring out the problem? my computer savvy...
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    sunday, sunday

    so far - i'm unimpressed. woken up at 7:30am when i don't have to work until the afternoon, and i only got to bed around 2am. this day had better improve. *grumble*
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    favourite love songs

    [Feel free to timeline me, as the search function is currently not working, so I feel no guilt for starting a thread that undoubtedly has a double somewhere...] anyhow - what's your favourite 'love song'? is it a sad or happy one (i.e. 'break up' or 'in love currently')? do you have an...
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    which OS for my craptop - g33k help needed!

    i need a bit of advice... my craptop is stupidly bogged down, and only has a 6G h/d, and 196 Megs of RAM, with a P3 700Mhz board... right now i'm running Win2K, and i want to wipe it completely and do a reinstall, but i'm not sure if i'd be better off with XP or 2K. also - i haven't done...
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    brt - depraved

    so it's fine for you to pm me, but i'm not allowed to reply??? clean yur dirty box.
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    strappy tank tops... help!

    ok - so... strappy tanks.. love 'em, right? the question is: to bra or not to bra? no bra - there's a little 'shadow', but good 'shape' with bra - there is no shadow, but even the smallest one shows a lot... ladies? advice? hell - i'll take it from men too. n.b. i considered...
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    dinner suggestions?

    i'm going to montreal with some friends on wednesday and we're looking for a nice place to get a slightly dressier dinner (no chains, or diner type places, please). anyone have any suggestions? we'll be staying right at ste-catherine and peel, basically, so anywhere downtown is fine - cabs...