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    fast food options near rogers centre

    anyone have a recommendation for a good fast food location near the rogers centre? simcoe place food court closes at 6 so that doesn't work. i know there is a pizza nova and quesada within walking distance. any reccos?
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    friday night pub/club crawls

    does anyone have a good recco for locations or areas for a pub/club crawl on a friday night? I'm thinking of a focus on dundas west with bellwoods brewry, get well and a few others may be fun. ideally we would be looking at spots where you don't pay cover (or minimal cover) and the crowds at...
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    best west --> east driving routes

    for those of you who live in mississauga etobicoke or the west end, or are just generally a savvy driver, do you have any routes you can recommend from getting into mid-town toronto from the west end during rush hour? there may not be any great short cuts, but i would prefer a slow but...
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    Toronto contractor recommendations for built-in, walk-in closets

    Does anyone have a good recco for a GTA area contractor that does or specializes in built-in or walk-in closets?
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    City of Toronto Park Lights (Tennis)

    Are lights still on for evening tennis at city of toronto parks or is it done for the season? If they are on, what time do they tend to close? Tried to find info online without luck and city's phone service not helpful.
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    Mother's Day

    For those of you in long-term committed relationships or married, do you celebrate Mother's Day with both your mom and your mother-in-laws? Or do you split up and celebrate seperately?
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    Window furnishings

    Does anyone have a good reference for a window furnishing/shutter business? What do you think about california shutters on both levels of a two-level house, is that overkill or is it better to be consistent?
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    Best Man

    I would appreciate your thoughts on whether there are any circumstances where it would be appropriate to turn down a groom who wants you to be their best man and if so what the etiquette is of doing so to avoid hurt feelings.
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    Home Knock Down and Rebuild

    Our new door neighbours are knocking down and rebuilding the house on their lot....they apparently have all of the necessary city permits/zoning issues sorted, but for those who have been through this before, I'm wondering if there is any obligations or etiquette/general courtesies that as a...
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    travelling to US - passport question

    does anybody know whether the US Dept of Homeland security enforces a policy of some other border agencies of other countries that they won't accept a passport expiring within six months from your date of departure/return even if it's still valid on those dates? i want to book a flight to the US...
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    "Don't you forget about me" (Movie)

    I unfortunately wasted time and money watching this self-indulgent piece of crap documentary following four self absorbded pretentious idiotic Canadian John Hughes worshippers trying to get an interview with him/basically stalking him on a road trip from Toronto to Chicago. The message of the...
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    sports bar - super bowl

    Can anyone recommend a good sports bar in the city to watch the Super Bowl?
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    Debate erupts over Italian only seniors home

    Debate erupts over Italian-only seniors' home - The Globe and Mail I have no issues with seniors homes that target cultural/religious/ethnic communities if the tenants pay out of pocket.....that's there perogative if they feel more comfortable with their own, even though it does not take full...
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    Cottage Resort

    Can anyone recommend a nice cottage/cabin resort for a weekend getaway? Criteria include: quiet, kitchen, nice scenery for late summer/early fall colours, and not more than 3 hours away from the city (preferably closer). Does not have to be deluxe accomodations (but not dirty either!)
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    Super Bowl Party Etiquette

    If you are invited to a super bowl house party where all of the guests are asked to chip in for the cost of the food and drinks, do you still bring a gift for the host?
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    X-Country Skiing

    Does anyone have a recommendation for good cross-country ski trails within 2 hours of toronto that has equipment rentals?
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    Tapas/Wine Bar Recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a good wine bar/bistro/tapas "social dining" place that would take reservations for a bigger group (8-10 people)? Location is flexible (distillery, college, king, leslieville, yorkville....)
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    Wedding Cakes/Cupcakes

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good wedding cake or cupcake place based either in the city or the burbs? Just doing some preliminary research right now, not sure exactly what style/type of cake/cupcake we want, but any referrals are appreciated.
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    Club Refuses Entry to Overweight Women

    http://www.thisisjersey.com/2008/07/28/club-tells-fat-women-to-go-home/ I'll delete this thread if this was already posted.
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    Ballroom Dancing in the GTA

    Does anyone have first hand experience with a good ballroom/waltz dancing teacher or studio?