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    Brandon Patr!k :: aka The Freaky Afronaut :: Baby Sugar Honey :: Promo Mix

    3 cDecks + Cycloops = Baby Sugar Honey, a mix of all things tech: chunky, deep, rolling, and funky. As with all BP's studio mixes, there's a motif underneath the layers and the beats and the FX, a story being told. Tracks List: Blaze :: More Than Gold :: Nite Grooves Sonny Fodera :: You...
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    New Director...

    Damn, I guess Adobe snuck the new release of Director on a nookah. I know some of you binarier-than-thou folks may scoff at Director, but it's held a special place for me. I was taught it at the same time as Flash, and found it easier to learn and navigate around. So it worried me that...
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    I can't believe how much I relied on Demonoid (eBooks/audioBooks)

    ... for real. I used Demonoid a lot for 'pre-screening' (if you will) certain eBooks and audioBooks before I drop whatever cash on something that I wouldn't like. Fortunately, the public libraries over here have both audioBooks to download and to check-out, but still... Is there any...
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    Colts AND Prince at the same time???

    My dream has come true. I may now diminish to the east....
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    The Freaky Afronaut (Brandon Kaye) - TEK HÖRS - tech-house, tekno, electek

    Right-Click Save As" 1. Jill Jones ft. Prince - Vibrator (a cappella) 2. Mason - Exceeder (Original Mix) 3. Mark Knight ft. Katherine Ellis - Insatiable (Original Mix) 4. Cirez D - Punch Drunk (MIA - Buck Done Gone (Club Mix) - Overlay) (SWV - Weak (a cappella)) 5. Tony Rohr - Buzz Buzz Buzz...
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    FAO: Everyone

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    Joey and Frankie's lovers' tiff...

    this may be a repost... but i guess this started like 4 days ago, maybe? http://www.discogs.com/forums/topic?topic_id=91028 kinda funny... but kinda sad, too.
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    Emma Watson....???

    if that's her, then we can expect great things in the future from this lassie.
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    4 invites for AudioNews

    it's better (imo) than Audiofarm. first 4 to PM me gets 'em.
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    4 Invites for 1BT

    it's a t0rrent site for graphic designers, mostly. programmers and designers, lots of 3D and animation stuff. first four to PM me gets it.
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    You-Know-Who's 53x tape.... maybe

    hope this works. someone did a YOU SEND IT to me. this was the URI http://s39. /d.aspx?id=1ODNAQSTNA7J31CXK8OTTA1ZY2 *fingers crossed*
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    screw cops and paramedics... firemen are hot!

    recognize their status, bitches!!! cops just get fat paremedics get hooked on pharms firemen and here to stay. -le sigh-
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    Merry Xmas +0rr3n+ users!!!!

    i have 5 invites to 1bt ... a private torrent site mostly for graphic designers & to a lesser eXtent programmers... anyone want the invite PM me with your email. first five gets it. fookin' thiefs!!!
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    Tourrette on SHOWTIME

    i know showtime is a US station... but i'm sure they are showing them on some canadian station, too but i always thought the shows with them yelling were just comedic exaggerations to make it seem funnier. but no there they are yelling and cursing and...
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    FAO: Ilan Mitchell Smith

    where the fuck are you???? i miss seeing you in those girl-panties.... :(
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    Brag (or cry) about your transcripts in here

    i would put this in "NOBODY CARES" but fuck it. anyone else? i know there's Uni students on here... go on! show your colours, dammit!!
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    FAO Ravinjunkie

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    "he's my second cousin, twice removed...."

    ... what does the "twice removed" mean? and how many "removes" can you have before you're no longer considered part of the same family???? i know some super smart tribester knows this. i found a site in google that 'explained' it but all my book lerrnin' couldn't help me...
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    no packet shaping for me.... yet

    it's been like this for a couple months.... PS --> i'm not complainin'...
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    hay guys... t0rrents....

    they're not that difficult... really... :trust: