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    Fresh WinXP install problems

    I don't believe that the WinXP install disc includes drivers for onboard devices. To install those drivers you have to run the disc that came with your board. In most cases, you can also download the contents of the disc from the board manufacturer's website.
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    cocaine > redbull!

    The man's a true playa. He's cutting his shit with Procaine to increase his profits.
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    Watch out for this scam!

    I was approached a while ago too. I wasn't interested in their speakers but I bought their white van. Did I get ripped off?
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    Wi-Fi in Toronto.

    I tried the One Zone connection from my office near Front and University last night. The speeds were reasonable at ~2mbps for downloads and ~400kbps for uploads. I found it to be a bit annoying to get cut off after 15 minutes of inactivity. But that can be easily fixed by using a "stay alive"...
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    Tribe Photogs : Image Theft?

    If you decide to do a pic swap, make sure you use a HUGE pic so that it messes up their page design, particularly if they don't use IMG width/height tags.
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    Firefox Settings

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    how much is your monthly cellphone bill?

    He should go old skool and get himself a CB radio and some C&W 8 track cassettes for company. He could save himself a fortune.
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    how much is your monthly cellphone bill?

    I also have the Classic City Fido. I have the $10/month text messaging option and the $25/month long distance package. Plus, whenever I am travelling outside of the GTA, there are roaming charges and per minute charges. And, when I am in the USA, the per minute rate works out to almost...
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    Search Engine Questions...

    You could use a search string like this: +keyboard +info -sale -store
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    Printing question

    Copy and paste the ticket image 5x into a MS Word document and print the Word document.
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    Hitler's Cross...I wonder whats on the menu?

    Too late, Thomas Edison. It's already been done: http://www.worldsbestbars.com/city/las-vegas/red-square-las-vegas.htm And there's zero controversy surrounding it.
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    ' why we fight ' doc on CBC right now

    Cool. Thanks for the torrent hookup. I've never seen this primo site before. If I don't leave the house this weekend, it's your fault.
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    National Geographic's "Fight Science" explores mixed martial arts

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    Procedure for filing a harassment case against a cop??

    Upon reviewing the post that I was responding to, I have noted that you did ask whether he was on private property and about the signage on the property. However, I was specifically responding to a particular statement that you made. This is the statement that I felt was misleading: I...
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    Procedure for filing a harassment case against a cop??

    The cop could have arrested him under the LLA considering the self-described state that he was in. The cop could easily articulate that he believed that Postmod was intoxicated in a public place.
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    Procedure for filing a harassment case against a cop??

    No, the cop didn't train himself. There is a specific course at the Ontario Police College which pertains to this subject. It's called, "Tactical Solutions for the Apprehension of Gay Retards." One of the field tests to determine whether a perp is a gay retard is such: lick his nipple while...
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    Procedure for filing a harassment case against a cop??

    Whoa! Holy misconception! If a cop demands that you identify yourself while being investigated for a Criminal Code offence, you must do so or you'll be arrested. The cop will arrest in order to establish your identity. Certain provincial acts require the accused to identify themselves or be...
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    Getting my cell phone unlocked

    If you checked Sherway, I'm guessing that you're in Etobicoke. If so, check out this little cell shop on Burnhamthorpe and Saturn. I think the street address for the plaza is 666 Burhamthorpe Road (hence it's comfortable for evil cellphone unlockers to set up shop here). It's on the south...
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    Procedure for filing a harassment case against a cop??

    This sounds creepy. Hopefully you won't describe it this way in your complaint. By the way, after you've filed your complaint, whether the cop gets disciplined or not, prepare to learn what harassment really feels like. Unfortunate but true.
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    Alleged JonBenet Ramsey killer caught

    JonBenet and her mother reunited in death. JonBenet then told her mother who killed her and they joined forces to track her killer down with the help of ninjas. Spooky edit: mine is post number 13. 13!!!