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    Porsche 944 for sale certified. $6500 obo

    155,000 kms, 5spd stick, gas, fog lights, black leather flawless interior, power moon roof, air, zero rust, runs awesome. 4 cyl trades welcome such as volkswagen gti vr6, 93 or newer prelude. Car is certified and doesn't require emissions test.
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    LF: Applehead Chihuahua

    I am still looking for an applehead chihuahua so, if anyone knows someone with puppies, let me know.. Chris 416 781 9696
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    looking for this track..

    One of the tunes I'd like to replace since losing it.. http://media.urb.jp/sound/36000/36054.ram It's called "a phillies blunt that is" by chris winter mixx vibes ep... vib 005
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    orbital remix of good life ... anyone ?

    Just one I remembered I was looking for... anyone have this ??? http://www.loopz.co.uk/discog/remix/global.html listen to it here
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    Fs Yamaha Digital Drums

    PAID A COUPLE BILLS FOR THIS .... LOOKIN FOR $100 OBO use it to control anything in your studio.. play drums with a nice live feel.
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    Scott And Robbie Hardkiss "champions Of Champions Part 2"

    Here's part 2 but I need part 1 if anyone has it... Scott and Robbie Hardkiss live at Syrous "Champions of Champions"
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    ol'skool DJ DAN @ DOSE "UNITED WE STAND"

    just thought I'd post this old skool tape from the good ol days ... sorry no tracklisting available... ludi.. dj dan live at dose united we stand btw.. coming soon.. john e live new year's pleasure force 94/95 with tracklisting...
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    Fs Massive Ps2 Package

    Mint Condition PS2 with mod chip, 2 controllers, dvd remote and the following games Grand Theft Auto Vice City Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Splinter Cell Splinter Cell pandora tomorrow Lord of the rings the two towers The getaway the getaway black sunday enter the matrix twisted...
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    simple math question

    I read this question in an exam and the answer doesn't make sense... I think it's a mistake solve for "M" 4 - 3 (m +1) = (-38)
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    Lf $45 Fido All U Can Talk Contract

    Anyone wanna give up this contract ? Chris. 416 781 9696
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    LF: bb gun

    bb gun Had one when I was a kid and I'm lookin for one again. Anyone got one they wanna get rid of ? Chris.
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    chryser dynasty $900 certified.

    My parents needed an excuse to buy a new car so, when the hose to the water pump blew, they gave their old car to me and went shopping. I fixed the car and am certifying it for less than a grand...It's : 92' chrysler dynasty four door, V6 3.3L, dark blue, mint interior, loaded with a/c, new...
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    Mail Servers Anyone ?

    I'm using a mass email program called worldcast and lately it blows goats.... does anyone know of a free public smtp or dns I can input to get this program to send out emails ? I'm about to go hunting for an answer but I thought I'd ask here first... Chris.
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    auto parts.. damn cheap

    So, I needed to put on some new front pads on my car and Crappy Tire wanted like $59.99 and I figured that was fair till I called motorcade which is just up the street from commisso bros bakery.. they charged me only $24.99 for four front pads... and they were even the ultra quiet type... I...
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    anyone lookin for chihuahua / tea cup yorkies / cross and pure ?

    I found a breeder in my home town who sells these tea cup size dogs and If anyone wants to go in on a pair with me, we can get a better deal... around $850 - $900 separately but less if I pick up two.. The breeder also guarantees their health for a full year. I would like to get a male...
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    Hockey All Year Round .. Anyone Interested ?

    If anyone feels like coming out and playing some non contact, full equipment shinny Hockey on Sunday Nights from 6:30 to 8:15pm, just show up to McCormick Arena on Brock St. which is between Queen and Dundas just west of Dufferin. It's only $15 for 1:45 mins of ice time... This shinny...
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    LF - replacement holder and blades mens 9.5 hockey skates

    I was rippin down the ice and stepped on a guys stick which sent me down into the net to where I broke the blade off my one skate so, just wondering if anyone has a pair of size 9.5 skates that I can pinch the blades and holder off of. chris.. 416 781 9696 kris@ludikris.com
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    need a car ?

    Ok, I need to move this prelude now.. it's takin up space. It's a white 87 prelude, 225 kms, power moonroof, new tires, tuned up, new plugs etc... bought a new blower motor for it as the one it had was toast so, all you have to do is put it in. askin 400 obo.... as is. just want my...
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    CHEAP 87 honda prelude - I'm moving, it's gotta go.

    White, 87 Honda Prelude. Runs great. 225, 000 km, power moon roof, a/c, 5 spd, tilt, new tires, new brake pads, new plugs, new cap and rotor. $500 as is Chris 416 508 7665
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    anyone got a cheap soundcard laying around ?

    I just need an extra midi input so, the basic gameport will do on any old soundblaster or something. Chris