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    Well done Britons !!!
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    Has been taken down Are there any other decent alternatives for this site? goalsarena.com is good for soccer but it does not cover the north american professional / ncaa sports leagues. :mad:
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    can anyone recommend a good martini / sushi place

    ie. a place with good martinis AND sushi i dont care for sushi I just want to get LIT UP but my friend like sushi! anyone? :D
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    where can I go to take my niece horseback riding?!

    in the GTA TODAY are there any horsebacking places or whatever something like that? :)
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    sonic is closing ...

    and their last party is next saturday for anyone that cares
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    ultra spin feb 24

    ok lineup http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?t=129612 i think i will give sander ONE more chance ... and if he fails me again he can fuck right off FOR GOOD! :p
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    steve lawler @ TiL ... new years day!

    cant fucking wait! :D
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    new steve lawler mixes ...

    ENJOY! http://www.clustaboard.com/Lawler/mixdownload/ SW4 E-MIX Steve Lawler - 'Lawler's Intro' Bini & Martini - 'Stop [Luca Bacchetti Mix]' (Ocean Dark) H Man - 'Manga [Oxia Mix]' (Giant Wheel) Zoo Brazil - 'Make You Mine [Pete Heller Dub]' (Junior) Justin Timberlake - 'Sexy...
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    i need beatjunkie aka matt's # phone number

    pm me please and thanks :)
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    nic fanciulli @ TIL

    about fucking time someone brought him in for a proper club set! (ie. not opening for sleep i mean deep dish and not playing @ 10pm when no one is even in the club) should be a fun night! :D
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    ultra spin

    I had an alright time last night. I spent pretty much the whole night in The Drink. Wandered thru the main room / kool haus / gallery ONCE and ummmmmmm yeaaaa crowd + music, not really my thing lol. As per usual The Drink was where the party was at. M+S were droppping lots of sick tunage...
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    sunrise with steve lawler saturday skybar

    im so fucking excited for this. http://www.djstevelawler.com/Lawler/05Diary.html
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    saved by the bell seasons 1+2 dvd set

    anyone know where i can rent it?! or even buy it for cheap ... i need to use an episode from season 2 in a presentation i have on tuesday rogers+blockbuster dont have it ... pleaaaaaaaase help!
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    i have a blister on the foot that wont go away

    its been there on the side of my foot for like a couple of weeks now wtf how do i get rid of it? :confused:
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    dj mag top 50 clubs in the world

    600 international djs were polled and each gave their top 3 picks heres the list (there are a few missing on here??? ill try and fill those in later) guv = best club in north america ... 1. Fabric, London 2. the End, London 3. Turnmills, London 4. Pacha, ibiza 5. Space, Ibiza...
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    id please

    here is a link to a short sample http://s60.y o u s e n d i t.com/d.aspx?id=1PMT9GKKQMCQF2UQPBY3Z6LBFC copy that into your browser BUT paste the word yousendit together thanks
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    Depeche Mode @ ACC, May 18th ... Floor Seats

    Im selling 2 floor seats for their show here in May. Left floor row 20 any takers? $400 for the pair! drop me a PM if u are interested :)
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    laurent garnier

    ive seen that he will be playing at TIL @ the end of april technics1200
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    king unique @ club global (klaipeda, lithuania), november 11 2005

    http://www.kubroadcast.co.uk/mp3s/kuglobalpt1.mp3 http://www.kubroadcast.co.uk/mp3s/kuglobalpt2.mp3 http://www.kubroadcast.co.uk/mp3s/kuglobalpt3.mp3 they are about the only djs that i havent seen that im still dying to see! so yea it would be nice if someone tried to bring these...
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    how do i change a port from closed to open?

    please help the noob :o :)