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  1. K

    Dark Souls

    Anyone else pick up this game? I haven't been hooked on / addicted to a game this badly in a long time. I've been looking forward to this game since I heard it was announced, and eating up most of the trailers/previews/hype material - and feared I was setting myself up for disappointment. But...
  2. K

    FS: Brand New Ikea Malm - Queen

    Picked up an Ikea Malm bed frame this past weekend, it's too big for my bedroom. Selling it for $200 OBO - pickup only, Sherbourne/Wellesley. Brand new, only used for 2 nights so far.
  3. K

    Anyone want a pair of VIP tickets + 2 nights accomodation to Igloo fest this weekend?

    So, both me and my boyfriend won a prize package from RA for Igloo fest this weekend. * 2 VIP tickets * 2 nights accommodation @ Montreal Inn - Bed & Breakfast - Hotel - Auberge de la Fontaine Problem : Transportation isn't included, neither of us drive, and we don't feel like shelling out...
  4. K

    Resources for learning UI/Human Interaction design?

    Just wondering if anyone is really involved with UI design? Not so much "This is how you program a control", but more "Here is how to design and effective / easy to use" I seem to be getting more involved with creating UI elements / controls, and from a technical implementation perspective I'm...
  5. K

    Billy Dalessandro

    Apparently he's relocated to Montreal, may be easier to snag a booking of him down this way then? Recent mix of his. http://www.fwd.dj/audio/download/156/dalessandro_soupdujour.mp3 1. Takeshi Miyazi - Grayspace 2. Bumpin Ugly - Work Me 3. Daniel Mnookin - Spotted Cow 4. Michael Louis - Hiato...
  6. K

    Montreal/Stereo/Piknik - long weekend (Adam Beyer, Mistress Barabara, James Holden..)

    Anyone heading to Montreal for the long weekend? PikNiks on Sat/Sun/Mon. Sat - James Holden, Sunday - Mistress Barbara. Not sure on the Monday lineup, but Adam Beyer is playing during the day elsewhere. Stereo is re-opening with events going on all weekend. Monday during the day there will...
  7. K

    Why cant all informercials be this awesome?

    I want this product now.
  8. K

    Fs: Ps3

    Have only had the PS3 a few months (Got it for Christmas), barely used - getting rid of it because I now have two PS3s and this one is sitting in a box in a closet. - 80gig model - $360/negotiable
  9. K

    Wii Ware - Bit. Trip Beat

    Anyone else snag up this game from WiiWare? I grabbed it this weekend - only $6 bucks worth of points, and IMO it's worth the money. It's kind of like Musical Pong on Acid. Very retro-feel in terms of graphics and game play, reminds me of old-school Atari games like Kaboom that require...
  10. K

    Recreational Sports

    Last year I debated joining some sort of rec-league for sports in the summer but never got around to it. Thinking I might actually do it this year, as getting off work at 5 then sitting on my ass for the rest of the night seems pretty dull. Quick search bought up "Not So Pro Sports" which has...
  11. K

    Xbox360 as Media Extender - any good? (or, Media Extenders in General...)

    Looking to get a Media Extender, and was considering the Linksys Media Extender which is currently $139. But then I remembered that the XBOX360 can work as one also, and the arcade edition of the 360 isn't that much more and sorta figure "Why not? there's a few 360 games I wouldn't mind...
  12. K

    Microsoft Exchange - automatic duplication clean up?

    A few weeks ago we needed to redeploy our CRM installation at work, as a result - many users now have loads of duplicate contacts in their outlook. Any contact that was previously synched with CRM got duplicated after the redeployment. Are there any tools / ways to quickly clean up duplicates...
  13. K

    Mutek 10 anyone?

    Having gone the last 3 years, wondering if its time to hit up DEMF for a change. Early line up is being released on the 16th so who knows. Mutek is bringing The Mole, Pier Bucci and Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts to the Drake on April the 9th! really dug The Moles set last time he was here, and...
  14. K

    LF: Appartment

    Before the wise-cracks I've checked - ViewIt - Craigslist - MyHood - Now classifieds - Eye classifieds - I've done the 'walk around and look for rental signs' - I've called property management companies directly So far, have one spot that is a possibly-maybe, but really wanting to find a spot...
  15. K

    LF: Couch

    I need a new couch, and moving on/around April 1st. Would like to pick up the couch the day that I move. Anyone have a couch they are selling?
  16. K

    Stuttering Video in Media Centre

    For a long time, my Windows Media Center would stutter on MKV/high-def video files but would play just about everything else fine. The other week, I tried upgrading to a newer version of a codec-pack, and now everything is stuttering - even things I could previously watch fine. Everything...
  17. K

    Organize your desktop - Stardock Fences

    Came across this post on life hacker, sounded neat so I installed it - pretty spiffy program. Creates some regions on your desktop to sort/organize your icons into and keeps things a bit more orderly. The default settings it picks when you first install are pretty spot-on (for me at least) And...
  18. K

    Whats in the box?

    The Mole is ... anyone else venturing out to the drake tonight?
  19. K

    What do you like about the Holidays?

    Ok, so everyone loves to get their hate-on about the Holidays, how about - what do you like about them? - It's an excuse to indulge in some fatty-treats for a few days. - Getting home to spend some time with the Family. I actually like my parents / sister / etc, and enjoy getting to see them...