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    Neil Quigley August 2008 Podcast

    Neil has just uploaded another installment of his podcast, which you can grab from his blog page: blogpage Or you can subscribe to it via iTunes to receive automatic downloads every month: subscribe via iTunes This month's tracklist: Jim Rivers - 'Forget About It' [Four:Twenty]...
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    Focus On : Renaissance mixed by Neil Quigley

    Neil Quigley mixes a selection of the best of Renaissance’s recent back catalogue… Click here to hear the first 30 minutes of the mix: http://renaissance.com/eflyers/focuson/focusonpromo/focusonpromo.html Neil Quigley has undoubtedly made his mark over the last few years, from supporting...
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    neil quigley's transitions guest mix

    click me! Kris Wadsworth - Mainline (Sei A Remix) [Hypercolour] Fortuna - Radical Bravery (Sei A Remix) [CDR] Neil Quigley - Air Raid [Urbantorque] Will Saul & Tam Cooper - 3000AD (I:Cube Dub) [Simple] Tonecast - Murder & Fingerprints (Simon & Shaker Remix) [Secret Village] Infusion...
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    neil quigley's new monthly podcast

    Thought you might be interested in D/L'ing Neil's new podcast: click me for the podcast page And you can subscribe via iTunes here: click me to subscribe Here's the TL for this month's mix: Pezzner - 'Logan' [Urbantorque] Nomad In The Dark - 'Attia' [Stripped] Pezzner - 'Shasta'...
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    neil quigley feb 09 mix ~ house

    Some warm house perfect for keeping you nice and toasty this winter :) click me! Giattino - 'Released Pressure' (Hardsoul's string overture) [Hardsoul] Ben Watt - 'Guinea Pig' [Buzzin' Fly] Rocco - 'Supernova' (Pezzner dub) [Freerange] Einzelkind & Meat - 'Gin' [Get Physical] Milton...
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    Neil Quigley Guest Mix for Discoteca on Frisky Radio, Oct 08

    www.neilquigley.com/mp3/nq_oct_08_discoteca_mix_320.mp3 Agoria - 'Dust' (Rocco remix) [Different Recordings] H.O.S.H. - 'Under A Fig Tree' [Diynamic] H.O.S.H. - 'The Valve' [Diynamic] Petter - 'Robotfood' (Qbical remix) [Manual Music] Dual Shaman - 'Sideral' (Tigerskin remix) [Manual...
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    neil quigley september mix (house)

    Here's this month's mix from Neil Quigley. This one is a bit more uptempo and reflective of what he's been playing out lately. Enjoy :) http://www.neilquigley.com/mp3/nq_sept_08_mix.mp3
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    neil quigley august mix (house)

    Chymera - Wish (Will Saul & Tam Cooper ambient mix) [NRK] Steve Ferrand - Untitled [cdr] Palm Skin Productions - Head On A Stick [cdr] Dana Bergquist & Peder G - Pace [Urbantorque] The Timewriter - Back From Exile (Neil Quigley Pacemaker dub) [Plastic City] Mr Jones - Blah Blah (Seva K mix)...
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    full moon party @ cherry beach with stacey pullen

    Was it just me, or was that pretty damn special? Wow.
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    neil quigley july mix/proton radio show

    Hello, This mix was the first of Neil's monthly radio show that will be broadcast on proton the 3rd Friday of every month. Enjoy! :) click me bar bq - music from the great plains [buzzin fly] timewriter - revealing the sound (milton jackson mix) [plastic city] unknown - unknown [cdr]...
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    neil quigley june mix (house)

    Seva K - Fizz [Urban\\Torque] Jay Leblone - Alma [Urban\\Torque] Spirit Catcher & Compuphonic - Random Places [CDR] DJ Yellow & Duotone - Deja Vu [SAW Recordings] Spirit Catcher & Compuphonic - Dream Machine [20:20 Vision] Dana Bergquist & Peder G - Alger [CDR] Shur-I-Kan - Jingle Jangle...
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    Luke Fair and Nic Fanciulli on a really big boat on Canada Day

    :eek: :eek: :eek: Now THIS I'm really looking forward to.
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    FS: Sasha and Digweed tickets

    My friend has 5 Sasha and Digweed tickets he's looking to get rid of for $45 each. PM or email if interested. vmurdock @ hotmail dot com
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    neil quigley live at exposed - 02/15/08

    Here's the live that was recorded February 15 @ mod club. Enjoy! :) part 1 part 2
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    neil quigley - transitions guest mix 3/1/08

    From John Digweed's Transitions radio show on March 1, 2008. http://www.neilquigley.com/mp3/quigleytransitionsmarch08.mp3 Broken Time Orchestra - 'Golden Sun' (Spin Science remix) [Julm Recordings] Sebastian Davidson - 'Skyride' [Elevation] Seva K - 'Sunrise Over St Petersburg'...
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    Hernan Cattaneo's Essential Mix

    Amazing. Gives Danny Howell's EM from this time last year a run for its money. Definitely the best mix of the year for me so far. (Mix Intro) Kraftwerk ‘La Forme (King Of The Mountains Mix By Hot Chip)’ (EMI) Kimouts ‘Down To Earth’ (Buzzin Fly) Martin Buttrich ‘Stoned Autopilot’ (Planet E)...
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    neil quigley @ mod club

    If last time he was here was any indication, this should be an amazing night. So glad he's coming back!!! technics1200 :D technics1200 :D technics1200 :D
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    neil quigley december mix (house)

    Thought I'd share this lovely little mix that was recently done by Neil Quigley that's been keeping me warm on these cold days. Nice and smooth stuff :) www.neilquigley.com/mp3/dec07mix.mp3 track listing: Steve Ferrand - Getting There [Urbantorque] Francois Dubois - I Try (Steve...
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    No Country for Old Men

    Just saw a sneak preview and it's brilliant. Best movie I've seen in a loooong long time. Javier Bardem is absolutely out of this world in it. Tommy Lee Jones is phenomenal too (he totally steps outside his typical "cop" kind of role). Another masterpiece from the Cohen Brothers!
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    M.A.N.D.Y @ The Social

    Nov 8!!!!!