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    10 crates of house, ghetto house, booty house

    10 crates of hard house, tons of ghetto and booty, a little breaks. All the big booty tunes you could want or remember. $500 some labels / artists: -baltimore breakbeat -diamond k -filtered -UCC -josh the funky one -bad boy bill -international house records -gigalo records -stx...
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    computer audio help needed - streaming distortion!!!!

    I just got a new computer from a buddy and i'm having some issues with some streams distorting. It only happens on certain streams and videos. I'm using a Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ soundcard. It's a Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and has 4gb of ram and it's running Windows 7 home premium 64 bit...
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    Native Instruments Audio 4 DJ with 4 control vinyl $175

    Mint Audio 4 soundcard. 4 ins and 4 outs 4 Traktor vinyl control records, 2 older and 2 newer depending on the version of traktor being used. I was using a cracked version of Traktor with no problems. $175 PM any questions
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    Serato SL1 $300

    I have a Serato SL1 for sale. it comes with the sound card, usb cable, 2 control vinyls with light use and the optional wall plug so you can play without having your laptop on. The Serato software is a free download from their website. $300
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    wanted : cheap 2 channel mixer

    I have a friend looking for a cheap 2 channel mixer. Crossfader curve would be great. He wants to get into scratching. Please let me know what you got. Thanks Mike
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    F/S Allen and Heath Xone DX $375

    I am selling my Allen and Heath Xone DX Dj controller. It's in mint condition and comes with the Serato itch software, power cord and USB cord. Can control 4 decks. I had it set up running two turntables and two digital decks in itch. It is not an analog mixer so in order to run your turntables...
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    F/S Mountain Bike, MPC Sampler, Scratch Mixer, Audio 4 with Timecode vinyls, PVR

    Rather than post a bunch of adds i'm putting these all together. I'm selling my Specialized Hardrock Sport mountain bike. It's been in my locker all year so it could use a tune up. Other than that it's in good condition with normal wear. 350 OBO Specialized Hardrock Sport - Toronto...
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    100 Booty Hard House and Florida Booty Bass Records For Sale

    There's some great records here. They're super fun to play and some of them are worth a few bucks on Discogs. Lets start at $3 each, so $300 for the lot of them. Possibly willing to deliver but I'm located in Mississauga near Square One. If anyone has any other ideas of forums to post...
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    Looking for someone to fix an MPC1000

    I picked up an MPC 1000 recently and it's seen better days. The pads are really hard to trigger and one (Load) pad doesn't work. It's kind of useless. Everything else seems to work ok. Well everything i can test. Does anyone have experience with these or does anyone have a contact to a dealer...
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    Wanted M-Audio Audiophile USB Audio and MIDI Interface

    Like the title says i'm looking for an M-Audio Audiophile USB Audio and MIDI Interface. Here is a link to the one i'm looking for M-Audio Audiophile USB Audio and MIDI Interface (Mac & Windows) - Kitchener / Waterloo Electronics For Sale - Kijiji Kitchener / Waterloo Canada. i'd just rather not...
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    2 X Technics 1200 M3D with needles $850

    I have 2 Technics 1200 M3D turntables for sale. These have no zero click and the reset button. Will include needles and slipmatts. Not the whitelables in the pic but some Stanton 500's. No dustcovers included. pics found here 2 X Technics 1200 M3D with needles - Mississauga / Peel Region...
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    KRK RP8 G2 Speakers Question: what's the bass response like?

    Hey guys. Has anyone used these for DJing purposes? I've got a link on a decently priced pair but i'm wondering how they would do in a DJ set up. It's just for home in my den. The room is about 12 feet by 6 feet. If anyone has used them whats the bass response like? Am i going to need these...
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    50 house tech progressive records

    50 house records mixed all used $40 OBO Various – Unreleased Dubs 1 - NRK Sound Division NRK 076 Noah Pred – Sanctum - Saboteur SAB 07 Groove Club, The / Deep Kenley – Upside Down! / Call Me - ISBA Music Entertainment Inc. ISB-LP-7003 Jackass & Mule – 1 - 2 - 3 Miami - Xylophone Jones...
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    350-400 Classic House Records

    Next lot for sale. There is between 350-400 records. Classic house, acid, garage, deep, funky and a little techno, it's a good mix. Spans 92-95 for the most part. Again the records are mostly mint condition. A little dusty but they are 20 years old. Asking $350 or best offer. Partial list...
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    Classic Techno Records For Sale

    I'm cleaning out a bunch of records over the next little while. The first lot is techno from 94/95. There are 39 records in all and i'm asking $150 (just over $3.75 a piece). I cannot stress that these records are mint mint mint condition like some never played. Some I just opened now to see...
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    BURNZ - Oldschool hiphop breakdance

    Haven't been around here for a long time but thought i'd share this. Mixed in Ableton using my vinyl rips. http://soundcloud.com/mikeburnz/burnz-oldhiphopbreakdance Kenny Dope ft Screechy Dan - Boomin in Ya Jeep Young Black Teenagers - Tap the Bottle Lords of the Underground - Chief...
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    Allen and Heath Xone 62 F/S or trade $650 OBO

    For sale or trade an Allen and Heath Xone 62 dj mixer. Mixer is in good condition. A little bit of the paint on the face plate has come off during cleaning but does not affect the mixer at all and it's not really anywhere that matters or you will even notice. This mixer is built like a tank...
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    Vestax VCI-100 $425 OBO

    Mint Vestax VCI-100 for sale. Comes with the box and all cables. I dont have the original traktor discs but can give you a bl version that i downloaded. pm for deets or pics
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    Allen and Heath Xone 32 $425 OBO

    Selling a mint Xone 32. Don't have the box anymore. The thing is a tank. Has amazing sound and the famouse A&h filter. PM for offers or pics Located near square one in Mississauga
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    Looking for DJ mixer

    Is anyone selling a DJ mixer? ideally something smaller, 2 channel but will look at all possibilities. Even an old PMC-06 or something if it's cheap. Anyone have an old mixer sitting in their closet? Thanks