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    Smack the Raver B*tch...someone probably posted this before...

    but I thought it was so funny so here it is whether it was posted or not.... Smack the Raver Bitch then hit the "work" icon and under the heading "web" click on "smack the raver bitch" using the "smack the raver" bar under the pic to smack the BITCH!
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    Black & Blue

    Anyone going this year. It's coming up in about a month...just wondering who will be there and what events you are going to. I have not been in 4 years.
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    Sunny where are the pride pics you were taking?

    Just wondering cause I want to see them...I'm a wee bit vain...like you don't already know that.
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    i work for a major telecommunications company & just began sitting next to this guy named amin. he pretends to be straight but, i know he isn't. i'm really into him but, he's still in the closet. i want him to come out & party with me this weekend but, he called me a fag & blew it off. what...
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    Hey Subsonic!

    Guess where I am??? You guessed it! I am in GOA! I fucking lov it here. The weather is fucking awsome, the people are hot! and the music is amazing. Fucking GOA in GOA all day on the beach parties at night with crazy Isrealis, and new age hippies...fucking right! I must party now...
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    Hey Subsonic!

    Guess where I am right now? GOA! hahahahaha!
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    Any one ever been?? I'm going in a month and I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips? PETE - You can still come with me...but you know the price!
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    Track ID

    This is from Yves De Ruyter - Live at Trance Energy and starts at around the 38:00 mark. Cuzo was trying to help me out with this one at Guv but he's always to fucked to figure it out. Any takers?
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    Here's a little game that I played during my volunteer core skills training course for ACT (The AIDS Committee of Toronto). It was meant to break down communication barriers and to enlighten. Here is how you play: There are three topics 1)Sexual positions/activites 2)Male Body Parts...
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    Buckley's is CUM!

    Did anyone else notice this. I am pretty sick and someone recomended that I try Buckley's so I did. When I first poured it out the first thing that came to my mind id..."That looks like CUM!". I proceeded to take my first dose and after swallowing it I thought to myself "It even tastes like...
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    David Morales and the Smirnoff Fashion Awards

    It was an alright night at the Kool Haus. David has spun better sets but oh well I still had fun. Unfortunately I was unable to catch the fashion show. Did anyone see it cause everyone I heard from said it sucked. Ah well. MOFO: I saw you there...what did you think?
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    *Therapist Farewell Party*

    I haven't posted on this thing in ages but this topic requires some extra effort on my part. Just got home from the party, a little early I know but I have an early day tomorrow. The party none the less was a wicked one, great vibe, and good music - way too hot though! But we bore the brunt...