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    Pure Phunk Recordings T-Shirts - NOW AVAILABLE!

    Pure Phunk Recordings T-Shirts NOW AVAILABLE! Finally, after a long wait, Pure Phunk Recordings T-Shirts are now available to the public! Available In 2 Colours: Dark Blue, and White. Both colours are printed on Ultra Heavyweight Cotton. Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL Available...
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    People Like Pictures...

    An updated D-Monic Retrospective... New Picts Old Picts
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    ATOMIC HOOLIGAN - InStore Performance @ 2 The Beat

    Feb 17 - ATOMIC HOOLIGAN - InStore Performance @ 2 The Beat This Thursday, February 17th, 2005, 2 The Beat is pleased to present ATOMIC HOOLIGAN in an exclusive in-store appearance. Starting at 6:00, Atomic Hooligan will be hanging out in the store for a meet & greet. At 7:00 he'll play...
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    The Evilest Of Nines...

    Bassbin Twins *LIVE* Evil Nine *LIVE* Atomic Hooligan Jay Cunning D-Monic Red Turtle 1 night... 1 club... More info to come...
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    Important Atomic Hooligan news inside!!!

    ATOMIC HOOLIGAN IS IN THE COUNTRY!!! He's currently resting so that he can properly unleash the mayhem tonight!
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    Press Release: Pure Phunk & 2Wars Merger

    Media Alert February 7th, 2005 Pure Phunk Recordings merges with 2 Wars & A Revolution Records Pure Phunk Recordings has officially merged with 2 Wars & A Revolution Records & will assume control over the day-to-day operations over the 2 Wars Label Group effective December 19, 2004...
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    Breaks Every Saturday Night?

    Finally... Additional info: HERE
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    2TheBeat 2YearAniversary...

    WHAT!?!?!?! That was madness... 3 rooms = RAMMED! Crisp, clear, pounding tunes everywhere! D.A.V.E. The Drummer Live PA = pounding beats + 'aving it dancefloor... Wow... 2TheBeat Run Tings! OKAY!!!
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    Pure Phunk Recordings - Not Just For DJ's Anymore!

    Not Just For DJ's Anymore! Pure Phunk Recordings is pleased to announce that we've gotten with the times and have joined the digital revolution! The current Pure Phunk Recordings catalog is now available for download at 2 of the leading dance music MP3 download sites: Beatport and...
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    The Pure Phunk Agency Has Arrived!!

    The goal of Pure Phunk has always been to expand the breaks scene in Canada. We have done this through nearly 4 years of awesome parties and events, through radio programs both FM and online, as well as through the record label 'Pure Phunk Recordings'. Now, Pure Phunk has come up with a new way...