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    Steve Balmer Retirement, retirement, retirement, retirement!

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire within 12 months, shares surge - The Globe and Mail Toodles, you wack job
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    Live Messenger + Skype = bye Skype

    I lasted about a week using Skype on my desktop and smartphone as the replacement for Messenger.... holy shitballs Skype iOS app requires separate login then standard Skype login so all existing apps don't support Live logins right off the bat. (All-in-one IM apps, Beejive, Adium, byebye) It...
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    This is just awesome

    No shame.. Wake up Krall Unveiling new #Windows8 All-In-One PCs from @HP HP Communities - SpectreONE- Sweet Design + NFC in an All-in-One PC - HP Communities
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    Foodies, halp

    Our company is attending the annual Bell charity event again, and this year the table gets to choose their chef of choice. Too bad it doesn't have a menu to pick from... who should our table select Bell
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    Deer Alex, now that you are rich with gold bullion.. Can we get a mobile version of the site please
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    Google + Robert Moog's 78th birthday

    So cool! Google
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    Happy 20th Wolfenstein!

    Celebrating 20 Years of Wolfenstein 3D - The Game That Started It All
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    Windows 8: Do I click the fish?

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    Paris Hilton - Drunk Sext

    Got pulled off the web yesterday by her label but it's still here ... for now The Frisky In Story No Auto Play
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    I'm not even sure if there are devs left on this board but what are people using in regards to versioning software, Mac or Windows. Oddly enough I've never been asked to use it in all my years until now. Our company is set up with a Beanstalk account, and I'm using Versions for Mac. Very cool...
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    How Samsung Just Screwed Over About 10 Million Of Its Android Phone Customers

    Today Samsung announced that its line of Galaxy S phones, one of the most popular Android phone models of 2010, will not get Google's latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. That means ~10 million people who bought the phone are going to be stuck on the outdated version 2.3 Gingerbread...
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    Grand Theft Auto V-ive

    One hour to go ! Rockstar Games
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    Massive Security Vulnerability In HTC Android Devices

    Oops Massive Security Vulnerability In HTC Android Devices (EVO 3D, 4G, Thunderbolt, Others) Exposes Phone Numbers, GPS, SMS, Emails Addresses, Much More And ppl were shitting when Weeeeeeahpple was capturing GPS locations
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    Speaker wire - home theatre

    Finally getting off my ass and putting together my home audio setup. What have people gone with in regards to speaker wire. 12 gauge, 14 gauge? Did you buy a brand name or just go to Home Depot. I feel weird dropping bills on a nice sound system and then going to Home Depot and asking Cooter...
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    Steve Angello is gemakzuchtig

    www.dumpert.nl - Steve Angello is gemakzuchtig
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    ATCQ Docu Trailer

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    Abandonware Shirts

    holy shit, i want them all Catalog – Page One | Abandonwear Clothing
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    The Onion Sports Network

    is freakin great. The Onion Sports Network "It's exciting to see Sidney Crosby mature from an annoying little prick to a big stupid asshole" aaahha
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    Welcome to 1993

    Ghostface Killah f. Raekwon, Method Man & Redman - Troublemakers | New Hip Hop Music & All The New Rap Songs 2010 | HipHopDX
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    They mostly come out at night, mostly

    NASA - NASA Sets News Conference on Astrobiology Discovery; Science Journal Has Embargoed Details Until 2 p.m. EST On Dec. 2